‘Homosexism’ and nudity in Pride parade target of TDSB trustee’s Twitter rant



All he said was that the law should be enforced about public nudity that take place in Pride parades. For the record he supports Pride parades as well.

Just goes to show how some are so hypersensitive.


The news article concerns Sam Sotiropoulos, a trusteee of the Toronto District School Board. Here is a bit of background on the controversy, from a local blogger
Sotiropoulos’s issue stems from Toronto’s upcoming Pride parade — again a hot-button issue after Toronto Mayor Rob Ford refused to attend the event. While Ford has said he never attends and won’t change who he is, his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, vocally complained about the “buck naked men” who participate in the parade.

Sotiropoulos says his opposition to Pride parade is that it allows public nudity, which is against the law. He told AM640 on Friday that he has an issue with the Toronto District School Board hosting a float in the same parade where public nudity is known to occur.*

The blog post notes that Sotiropoulos deserves credit for opposing Russia’s anti-gay laws and for opposing Ford’s stance that the rainbow flag shouldn’t be displayed at city hall. However, the blogger also notes that getting into a Twitter flame war probably isn’t the best way to have a public discussion about nudity in the pride parade.

Sotiropoulos apparently has a history of needlessly provoking controversy. Quoting from the blog article:
[W]hen it comes to public bouts of unprofessionalism, this isn’t his first rodeo. Last year, Sotiropoulos refused to apologize to colleagues after accidentally sending a mass email that some of his “colleagues positively make my skin crawl.” He declined to come to an event because “I would probably end up puking in someone’s face as I wouldn’t want to mess up your legendary kitchen.”*

Twitter is full of people who will disagree with you on hot-button issues. Rather than engaging in heated arguments with this endless sea of people, public figures may be best off by ignoring Twitter criticism.


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The folks in the parade are not playing with ** a full deck :dts: !!
Canada’s Criminal Code it is illegal to be nude in a “public place.”**
Section 174 states that a person who is “so clad as to offend against public decency
or order” is ** “guilty ** of an offence punishable on summary conviction.”
Cart them off
unless they put their clothes on or the civil laws become a joke


He’s right about homosexism and he’s right about there being an allowance for LGBT events to have carte blanche. As long as you’re speaking anything in favour of LGBT you can say anything about anyone you want without consequence, regardless of the accuracy or content of your message.


Canadian law does not generally prohibit public nudity and case law on the matter is clear. Public nudity is not indecent except in cases involving solicitation of sex from a minor. Anyone can walk around Toronto, or any public place in Canada for that matter, stark naked if they want to so long as they are not soliciting sex. As far as the Canadian courts are concerned, no one is being forced to look so who cares.


“Homosexism”? What in the world is that? I could not find it in my Websters.

OTOH I am completely opposed to public nudity, no matter what the sexual orientation of the of the nude individual is.


As a mother, I care, as I hope most parents would. What parent wants their children to view naked adults parading around in public?

It is beyond me how any elected official ( or law enforcement for that matter) has no problem with this.


I am not Canadian, and know nothing about Canada other than Molson’s. :blush:

However, I wonder if what you said is correct. According to the federal Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46), public nudity seems to be illegal.

*174. (1) Every one who, without lawful excuse,

    (a) is nude in a public place, or

    (b) is nude and exposed to public view while on private property, whether or not the property is his own,

is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.
Marginal note:Nude

(2) For the purposes of this section, a person is nude who is so clad as to offend against public decency or order.
Marginal note:Consent of Attorney General

(3) No proceedings shall be commenced under this section without the consent of the Attorney General.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 170.*


And in 2012, an Ontario court upheld this law.

Public nudity laws upheld by Ontario court

*An Ontario court has upheld Canada’s public nudity law, saying it doesn’t infringe on freedom of expression or the right to practise naturism.

While nudism could be considered a protected form of expression under certain circumstances, “requiring people to wear some modicum of clothing when in public is a reasonable limit,” Justice Jon-Jo A. Douglas told the court in delivering his judgment.

The court ruling comes after a constitutional challenge by a man charged in incidents involving public nudity in the Bracebridge area*

*At Coldin’s trial, A&W and Tim Hortons workers testified he was nude when he came to the drive-thru windows and one worker said he pretended to reach for a wallet as if wearing pants.

Outside court Thursday, Coldin said he said he wasn’t nude during that incident, but was wearing a towel.

He also defended his propensity for appearing naked in public as a form of protest, comparing it to the World Naked Bike Ride, an international demonstration with offshoots in Toronto and other Canadian cities.

In his ruling, however, Douglas found Coldin’s actions expressed “not much more than his desire to be publicly nude.”*


Not so. See post #7


Ok, so why do these participants want to be nude?


City Councillor Gord Perks took part in a debate with Mr. Sotiropoulos which was broadcast on the radio. Parks claimed that Pride parades began as a form of political protest against LGBT oppression. Nudity was a form of protest.

I suppose some individuals have an ongoing desire to protest. :shrug:

If so, then I think the courts might allow such nudity as freedom of expression.


Nude sunbathing in public spaces, walking around in public bare-breasted, and even streaking have all been upheld as lawful conduct in the Canadian court system. As the Supreme Court of British Columbia pointed out; Canadian law does not have a statutory definition for “indecent” as it relates to nudity so such cases are decided on an individual basis. If nude sunbathing in public parks and streaking are permissible then I don’t see why the subject of this thread wouldn’t be.


So Canada doesn’t have an decency/nudity laws:

Section 174 prohibits nudity if it offends “against public decency or order” and in view of the public.

  1. Nudity
  1. (1) Every one who, without lawful excuse,

(a) is nude in a public place, or

(b) is nude and exposed to public view while on private property, whether or not the property is his own,

is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.


(2) For the purposes of this section, a person is nude who is so clad as to offend against public decency or order.

“In Canada, it is illegal to be nude in a public place, or while on private property but exposed to public view”



If they restricted gay pride parades to the months of November through February I think the problem would solve itself. :smiley:


Not sure if nude sunbathing in public parks is permissible and/or streaking, but there are always limits to what is allowable (bared breasts), i.e., we do, in fact, have nudity laws, and if we have nudity laws then it must mean that nudity is prohibited to whatever extent described under the law in the Canadian Criminal Code.


No, they prefer to do it on the very same week-end as our Nation’s birthday (I’m personally disgusted by the manner in which they exhibit themselves, nothing to be proud of).


The free expression of one’s sexual “identity”, free from all discrimination and intolerance, is unavoidably racing towards a head-on collision with tradional ideas of public decency.

San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair (Gay pride event - do not Google this) is openly tolerated by law enforcement and the judiciary because political correctness demands it and the silent majority is too gutless/apathetic to speak out.

Such public displays of affection/love/happiness are a perfectly legal entitlement for LGBTQ folk if;

a) That is integral to their born-that-way “sexual identity”.
b) The State really does believe that such people ought not be subject to intolerance.


The Folsom Street Fair is not a Gay Pride event. It is a completely separate event held by people interested in BDSM and is actually primarily heterosexual.


I beg to differ but don’t wish to strain those particular ‘gnats’ with you on this forum.


I grew up in and around San Francisco, the Folsom Street Fair is not a LGBT thing.

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