Homosexual Activists Protest at Vatican, Say Vatican Wants to “Exterminate” Them

Homosexual Activists Protest at Vatican, Say Vatican Wants to “Exterminate” Them

By Hilary White, Rome Correspondent

ROME, Italy, **December 8, 2008 **(LifeSiteNews.com) – A group of about a hundred homosexualist activists and media gathered outside the perimeter of St. Peter’s Square in Rome on Saturday, claiming that the Catholic Church has an unspoken agenda to “kill” homosexuals. The protest was organised by Italy’s leading homosexualist activist organisation, Arcigay, a representative of which told LifeSiteNews.com that the group was there to protest “the pope and the Vatican.”



They need to “get a life”.

Proof that even liberals are not immune to having members of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade among them…

Just another day at the Vatican.

This doesn’t bother me too much.

If they want to make fools of themselves, it’s fine by me. Saves me the trouble. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, turning to conspiracy theories does not make people sympathetic to your cause.

There are extremes everywhere and in human institutions, groups, organizations, communities etc.

the entire homosexual movement is extreme, extremely immoral and perverted, immoral and perverted because they are defending and promoting an abomination.

conspiracy theory?

no, just the facts, the homosexual movement conspires with the secular huamanist and communists and the sciencists, to destroy traditional marriage and traditional family, this has always been their goal and it continues to be.

all that tolerance and equality thing is just a cover for their real sinister agenda.

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