Homosexual BBC presenter Graham Norton calls Catholics defending marriage ‘rats trapped in the corner of a barn’

By Deacon Nick Donnelly, on February 22nd, 2014

Graham Norton, the homosexual BBC TV celebrity, has called Catholics who defend marriage in debates about the legalization of so called ‘same-sex marriage’ ‘rats trapped in the corner of a barn’.

Graham Norton said:

‘This tiny minority can yell all they want, but it’s over. It’s all done. The Iona Institute, and people like that, are like rats trapped in the corner of a barn. They know the jig is up. That’s why they’re screaming so loud.” However, he added that he was glad gay marriage opponents existed as “they drag everyone towards the centre”. ”You hear their opinions and suddenly you’re a little bit more tolerant – because you don’t want to be them!”

Graham Norton was expressing anger at the news that the Irish TV network RTE had paid out damages to four members of the Iona Institute and two Irish journalists because they had been defamed on a TV show by homosexual transvestite Panti Bliss for their defence of marriage. Panti Bliss said:

‘The only place that you see it’s ok to be really horrible and mean about gays is on the internet in the comments and people who make a living writing opinion pieces for newspapers.’ When asked who he was talking about, Panti Bliss mentioned John Waters, Breda O’Brien and the Iona Institute.’

According to the BBC ‘The Iona officials and journalists John Waters and Breda O’Brien, who are all vocally opposed to gay marriage, claimed they had been defamed and threatened to sue the broadcaster.’

Graham Norton told Irish magazine Hot Press he was “furious” about RTE’s decision. He also said gay marriage opponents were “out of touch” with new Ireland. ”I’m not registered to vote in Ireland but I do pay the licence fee there,” said Norton, adding that he was “furious that some of my money has gone to these idiots”. ”RTE settling wasn’t gutless, it was absolutely moronic.”

Protect the Pope comment: Not only has Graham Norton called Catholics who oppose same-sex marriage vermin, but his use of the metaphor ‘rats trapped in the corner of a barn’ contains overtones of violence. Anyone from a rural background knows that rats are trapped in the corners of barns to be killed as vermin. A few years ago Prof Richard Dawkins said people of Faith were like a virus that was difficult to eradicate, and now Graham Norton is calling Catholics vermin trapped in a barn to be killed. Apparently the media has no problem broadcasting violent verbal attacks against Catholics and other people of Faith if those violent verbal attacks are made by homosexuals and atheists.



Well, hyperbolic language aside, it is true that individuals in support of a traditional view of marriage are a shrinking minority. I suspect we’re less like rats in the corner of the barn and more like tardigrades going going into tun. After society (or at least marriage) implodes from its meaninglessness, a strict definition of marriage will likely prevail and supporters of traditional marriage will find new life. Same-sex marriage or no, it’s pretty hard not to see that the institution of marriage is in trouble.

I had to look that up :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, I have to agree with you. The good news in your simile is that eventually the tun turn back into tardigrades, when conditions improve.

The comparison of Catholics to vermin I find offensive, even as a non-Catholic. (Jews were once compared to vermin as well.) One might counter the comparison by saying that the barn itself is burning.

Those two examples don’t sound so “violent” per se…
Sounds more to me like he’s trying to get across the feeling of being afraid and trapped with his analogy, yes…but not violence.

Neverthless…the media interviews a lot of people, and some who make verbal attacks…but this also includes religious people who make public attacks on homosexuals and atheists, too.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make attacks on a lot of people. And no one is really exempt.


We are like rats cornered in a barn? By whom are we cornered? What have they done to corner us?

I think the metaphor says more about the activist homosexuals than it does about Catholics! And what it says ain’t pretty.

His comments were directed at Catholics. And I’ve never heard of a Catholic group publicly making comments about homosexuals that compares to these comments. We only criticize behavior. We don’t ever say or imply that those who disagree with us are not human. We say that homosexuals are children of God. But because we don’t agree with him on so-called same-sex marriage, a novelty invented out of thin air, he compares us to rats. This must be the “tolerance” that liberals always talk about. Homosexuality is celebrated in the mainstream media while Catholics are the ones who are constantly being ridiculed and vilified. I am seeing the same pattern happening to Catholics as what happened to the Jews before Hitler’s Holocaust.

There is a burning barn alright, and in the corner stands one radical journalist with a burnt out match in his hand.

I myself was commenting on the OP’s inclusive reference of “Catholics and other people of Faith”.
I’ve heard people of faith compare homosexuality to bestiality…so, yeah, I’ve heard the comparison of homosexuals to animals in public many times. Unfortunately, I saw that comparison just last week on this forum (by a Catholic) and commented on it.

I’m not saying this guy is right to use a rat analogy/metaphor, of course…but I do think the point he was trying to make was to do with fear…not that people of faith are animals.


We’ve been there before, but I had hoped it wouldn’t happen again in my time.:frowning: It doesn’t look too good.

The article says that what the guy said was against Catholics. Usually, when I hear someone bring up bestiality they are saying “what’s next, bestiality?” This isn’t the same as saying or implying that a homosexual isn’t human. But, I haven’t heard anyone say that homosexuality is the same as bestiality. We don’t even say that those who commit bestiality are not human. If you find an example of a forums post which compares homosexuals to animals it doesn’t compare to this since we are talking about a BBC TV program host vs someone who is anonymous.

Why, is there a “rats trapped in the barn” expression in England that particularly has to do with fear? I’ve lived there twice, but I’m not aware of one. Otherwise, vermin associations are almost universally dehumanizing.

As to degrading comments about homosexuals, that’s clearly awful, however working toward a more charitable and just world isn’t a “zero-sum game”.

Ha! Thats what Nero said!

Me, too :frowning:

I agree. It doesn’t sound violent to me.“Sounds more to me like he’s trying to get across the feeling of being afraid and trapped with his analogy”

It’s coming folks. We need to prepare for it, because its coming.

My ancestors fought against Cromwell. And, I’m just saying, that it can all happen so quickly.

If this man can get away with saying this, then it shows that the media and the elite, and the government tacitly support it. Clearly none of them are taking him to task because of what he said. First statements like this are tacitly allowed, what next?

Be prepared folks. Be prepared.

Now a lot of times, I roll my eyes when people get into what I like to call a “persecution complex.” They’ll say all sorts of hateful things about gay people, then when they get called homophobic, will turn around and go “gasp! You think I’m homophobic for opposing gay marriage!”

HOWEVER, in this case, I perused over Iona’s website, and it is incredibly polite, and they don’t go out of their way to make baseless attacks against anyone. In fact, they are very careful that everything they put out [at least on their website; I can’t say about their spokespeople] is accurate and non-defamatory. So it was inappropriate for Bliss to call them homophobic (or whatever equivalent she used). Though I will look up the other two individuals as well as Iona’s spokesmen now to see whether her statement was correct against them.

I disagree about “rats in a barn” being offensive though. I, like a previous poster, took it to mean the barn was burning down and they were hiding in a corner. I found it much more offensive that he said people “don’t want to be [practicing Catholics].”

Edit: looks like everyone is clear. Both Bliss and Norton were in the wrong.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make attacks on a lot of people. And no one is really exempt.

Well, I didn’t see Mr. Norton talking about Islam.

I wonder why…:stuck_out_tongue:

Probably because he was talking in an Irish context and Muslims make up less than one percent of the Irish populace. Norton is (not suprising) nominally Catholic himself. I remember when he first came to public attention doing a drag act dressed in a tea towel pretending to be Mother Teresa. He also had a recurring role in the comedy show Father Ted where he played a priest who ran the youth club of a parish and was always very interested in it.

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