Homosexual Couple Sues B.C. School Board for Not Offering Pro-Homosexual Course

By Tim Waggoner ABBOTSFORD, B.C., October 22, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The same B.C. homosexual couple that was handed the task of developing and implementing a homosexual curriculum in the province’s schools, which includes a policy nullifying a parents right to opt their children our of such…

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I wonder how they would feel if the caveat for this inanity would be a side by side PRO HETEROSEXUAL course…:wink:

Every course is a pro-heterosexual course.

No - Its - Not

For those who think “their person” means “their sexual attraction” it is!

I feel for them. Obsession is a tough thing to deal with.


Yes, actually, it is.

So algebra, or Physics is pro-heterosexual? :rolleyes:

I’m just saying that there is a pervasive assumption amongst almost all educators and textbooks that everyone in the class or reading the book is heterosexual (some call this “heteronormativity”)… All of the examples given in class are heterosexual. The jokes are about heterosexuality. I’m not far out of high school and this is what I remember. I’m not saying that everyone has to go out of their way to acknowledge that another reality exists for a GOOD number of people; rather, I’m just pointing out that heteronormativity is everywhere.

Their is one reality.

Opposite-sex attraction is the majority condition, whch is normal. Same-sex attraction is a minority condition, which is normal. Acting on same-sex attraction is a sin.

That is reality.


Right, you’re saying the same thing I’m saying…that there is a minority. Some people believe that the minority should be recognized.


Of course the minority should be recognized AS A MINORITY.

The minority are those with same-sex attraction. That has nothing to do with the immorality of same-sex-sex-acts which that minority might want to engage in.

It’s fine to recognize that a minority of the population are “encumbered” by a difficult proclivity. It’s not fine to call their difficult proclivity “normal” simply because they ARE a minority.


Let me timidly suggest that “heteronormativity” exists because, in fact, heterosexual relationships are the norm.

I hate words like this! Intentionally constructed to puff up their users and give a veneer of intellectuality to an argument/

"I’m just pointing out that heteronormativity is everywhere."What planet do you live on?The Homosexual agenda is everywhere-in every form of media and every attempt is being made to LEGISLATE it’s acceptance.It is an ABBERATION and I feel ultimately a choice until PROVEN otherwise.We should be looking for a cure.
How long did it take you to coin your new word?
Mmmoi? Pretentious?

Exactlly! Normative in this usage means predominant. No amount of pushing the gay agenda is going to change the simple Math fact that those with SSA and/or those living the gay lifestyle are not the majority.

I didn’t make it up; it’s sort of a very nasty thing to call someone “pretentious” for using a certain word.


You still haven’t addressed how Physics, Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calc, Calculus, Biology, and all the other sciences and math are ‘pro-heterosexual’. What examples?

Also, please give real examples of how the liberal arts courses are pro-heterosexual. Describing a theory is far from presenting facts.

Good question. I don’t really have the time or energy to go really in depth into queer theory; your local Barnes & Noble or Borders Gay&Lesbian section should do the trick. I’m not saying I ascribe all that heavily to the notion that people should go around indicting people for being heteronormative; I was merely pointing out that the theory exists. But queer theory is an interesting read no matter which side of the fence you’re on.

I guess to sum up what I would say in one sentence: Just like you wouldn’t pay much attention to a math textbook that had all Anglo (John, Sally, etc.) if you were of Anglo-Saxon descent and wouldn’t pay attention to the fact that there are few Latino or Native American or Asian American names in US History textbooks if you don’t belong to any of those groups, you wouldn’t notice lack of respect for non-heterosxuality if you’re hetero. But I guess in these parts, it’s because of your moral beliefs. Which I respect, but also respectfully disagree with.

You are making a positive statement about classes bringing up ‘pro-heterosexual’ statements. If you do not have the time to present examples, surely most of these forum patrons do not have the time either to make your case for you :wink: I asked for examples, if you truly care about position, will you please give real ones?

Also, your hypothetical example is based on an unproven assumption: that a person from culture A does not care or notice anything about culture B. This is a hypothetical person you are talking about. It would be jumping to a conclusion to characterize a real group or person based on this hypothesis without ample real evidence.

Yes, why should a portion of the 2% of the population be forcing thier aberrations onto our Children.
Every active homosexual I have met is also pro-abortion, to me this says a lot about thier attitude to life issues and values :frowning:

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