Homosexual Duke U. Director Charged with Offering Adopted 5-Year-Old for Sex

An openly homosexual Duke University official has been charged with delivering up his 5-year-old adopted African American son to sexual predators online.

Frank Lombard, the 42-year-old associate director of the Center for Health Policy and a licensed clinical social worker, was arrested Wednesday after he invited an undercover police officer to take advantage of one of his two sons, whom he had adopted with his male partner.

The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI conducted the sting operation.

Read the rest here: catholicexchange.com/2009/07/01/120005/

I didn’t see this on the network news. Was this in the New York Times?

Evil abounds. Will pray for all involved.



Just a few.

Someone indicated on another thread


that cnn carried the story, but not the whole story. They didn’t say that the perp was homosexual. I guess the libs can’t stand it staring in their face, that, someone with a sexual problem has a sexual problem.

I’m glad heterosexuals never do stuff like this.

Your point?

Of course, Catholic Exchange can’t possibly resist leading their headline with the homosexuality of Lombard. :rolleyes:

I do wonder about the motives of such a prominent mention. As another member mentioned, heterosexuals offer their children up for sexual exploitation. So why the gratuitous mention of Lombard’s sexual orientation?

BTW, in the news stories I saw last week, his sexual orientation was alluded to, although not splashed across the headline.

Especially since, that while the faithful would contend that research shows homosexuals are more likely to abuse, the pro gay agenda claims that research shows there’s no difference. But those that claim there’s a difference claim huge differences, like 17 times more likely.

It supports sound doctrine?

Would you be willing to cite your evidence, from a credible source (not an anti-homosexual site), please?

What is an anti-homosexual site? I didn’t know there was such a thing. It doesn’t sound like a very nice thing, to be anti-homosexual.

If this really happened it is DEPLORABLE. However, his sexuality is not material here. Gay adoption has been proved safe. Kids from gsy families are happy, healthy, and tolerant. Not that this thread is made to do anything but mislead. Gay people follow the law just liek everyone else.

I am relieved the children have been taken from that home, if you want to call it that. I am surprised that they were allowed to adopt in the first place from a foreign country. Some countries have more regulation involved. Perhaps more regulation is needed, more scrutiny placed on the adoptive parents.

[quote=OP-link]Cameron cited a 1978 Kinsey Institute study that found 23% of surveyed homosexual men admitting to having had sex with boys.


It is an eye-opening statistic, but is Cameron quoting accurately? This is a man who pays to have his “research” published. He’s not exactly a reputable source.

I had read before that the statistic was much higher than 25%, so I did a quick search and found this, confirming my memory.

The other info I remember is that adult-child sex fiction is in all homosexual bookstores and NAMBLA is allowed to march in all gay parades. If the homosexual movement is as appalled as heterasexuals with adult-child sex, why the books and parade members?

Statistically this intergenerational sexual interaction is not an aberration. The SIGMA Project (1992), which interviewed and followed almost a thousand homosexuals in Britain over a three-year period, found that 50% of homosexuals had had their first same-sex experience with an adult by the age of 14. According to FRI, which reviewed the SIGMA data, 25% of those homosexuals had had sex with an adult by the age of 12 and 10% by the age of 10.

This adult homosexual fascination with younger partners is admitted even by the homosexual community. Two homosexual researchers (K.Jay and A. Young, 1979) found that 73% of male homosexuals had had sex as adults with boys 19 years old or younger – 23% admitted to having sex with youth less than 16 years of age.

Other researchers (Bell, Weinberg and Hammersmith, 1978) found the same thing: a quarter of homosexuals admitted to having sex as adults with children and underaged teens.

According to FRI head Dr. Paul Cameron, even in the controversial Kinsey research from the 1940s, which formed the basis of the Sexual Revolution and its progeny, the homosexual movement, homosexuals admitted a propensity for sex with minors. Kinsey found that 37% of homosexual adult men said they had had sex with youths under age 17, and 28% admitted to sexual relations with those under age 16.

Cameron also said that later research by the Kinsey Institute found in 1970 that 25% of homosexual men in San Francisco “admitted to having sex with boys aged 16 or younger while they themselves were at least 21.” afa.net/homosexual_agenda/childrenc.asp

O Rly?

And your what is your evidence of this ?

As far as your quote goes, again it relies on Cameron to be factual. I’m not sure he is willing to be so on this topic.


I am new to this forum as well as to this discussion thread. This abuse is so disturbing and it does seems that the media (American at least) hid this one from hitting the main headlines. I certainly didn’t hear this on TV or radio news.

That being said, the saddest part in this tragedy is not so much that homosexuals are likely to engage in abusive sexual behavior rather than heteros. But instead these two children’s lives are forever ruined, spoiled. How does one go about rehabilitating them when the abuse happened at the most formative years of their lives? I personally would like to know the therapy or treatment prescribed for situations like this.

To me, that is most appalling of the facts.

BTW – The power of prayers is tremendous. But it seems more people are hung up on the contention of who’s more deviant in their sexual behavior – homos or heteros.

Absolutely wasteful.

Regardless, all the best…


Thank you, Muire. You are indeed correct. We haven’t been discussing the welfare of the children involved. And that is what really counts.

As far as television or radio coverage of this incident, I don’t know, because I don’t rely on them as news sources. But certainly the story got attention on the internet last week.

I personally like the idea of prevention being the best cure. I don’t think that’s absolutely wasteful. But it wasn’t prevented, and now they need treatment, and that’s appalling.

With our society degenerating, prevention will become more difficult. What in the world are legislators thinking when they allow homosexuals to adopt? That’s where prevention could have taken place.

Their rehabilitation is in the hands of the same social services that placed them in that situation to begin with. God help them! Their social worker, will they see to it that they get spiritual guidance and prayer from a decent church? They will be quite fortunate to get a decent psychotherapist. Even with rehabilitation, they will never be the same, although we shouldn’t forget an important Catholic principle, that God can bring good about from evil. No doubt an organization like NARTH could help, but I doubt if they will be consulted.

Pray for them.

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