Homosexual lobby group linked with pro-pedophile groups funded mostly by governments

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Homosexual lobby group linked with pro-pedophile groups funded mostly by governments

Disgusting pedophile garbage being required in Europe, and pushed for in the US now that the LGBT movement has pushed it’s way into the “acceptance” of many in America.

Is NAMBLA still getting away with the agenda they are pushing?

There is another part to this … human trafficking.

One of my friends spend years fighting this whole aspect of “shipping” children across international boundaries to satisfy sexual predators. It’s disgusting and seems to go on “under the radar”.

claims that “sexual orientation and gender identity” are already part of international law.

What is considered sexual orientation besides homosexuality, if gender identity is considered a separate group? Why not just say homosexuality, unless these other groups are what’s being pushed too.

Gender identity would include cross dressers, and transsexuals, and people who just want to consider themselves the opposite sex without changing their genitalia.

Sexual orientation would include homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, sadomasochism and ???

If you are not careful, you will get accused of “hate speech” just by mentioning some of these “issues” … NAMBLA got away with “bloody murder” for decades … never challenged … until some unprotected groups started doing the same thing … so there suddenly was a direct conflict between two protected groups.

And if this doesn’t seem to make any sense, then you’re right.

Sad how the devil’s sin of homosexuality has pushed itself to be taken off of the list of psychological disorders. Now it wants to take another horrible sin off of the list.

Evil itself has won this fight in Europe. I pray that they change before they meet their fate in hell.

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