Homosexual Men Account for 65% of Syphilis Cases, CDC Study finds


The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says homosexual men accounted for 65 percent of the nearly 12,000 cases of syphilis in the United States in 2007, making them the “primary driver” of increased syphilis rates overall.

In a report on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) issued Tuesday, the government said syphilis, a disease that was almost eliminated as a public health threat less than 10 years ago, is on the rise – with cases increasing each year since 2000.

It remained a serious health threat in the United States in 2007, the latest year for which statistics are available, largely because of the increased transmission among “men who have sex with men” (MSM) in the United States, according to the CDC.

Dr. Gary Rose, president of the Texas-based Medical Institute for Sexual Health, told CNSNews.com that there are several factors behind the rise.

“One of the problems for men who have sex with men is that their sexual encounters are frequently anonymous,” Rose said. “The more partners you have, the higher the risk of transmission for any sexually transmitted infections.”

The title of the findings should say men engaged in homosexual activity with multiple partners. There are many monogamous homosexuals not spreading anything jsut as there are heterosexually promisucous men who are just as much at risk. To just use the term homosexual men would make one think that a celibate homosexual man is somehow at risk.

What are the comparable rates for lesbians as opposed to heterosexual women?

The title of the findings should say men engaged in homosexual activity with multiple partners. There are many monogamous homosexuals not spreading anything just as there are heterosexually promisucous men who are just as much at risk. To just use the term homosexual men would make one think that a celibate homosexual man is somehow at risk.

Good point…promiscuity is the real threat.


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A 1990 study of The Social Organization of Sexuality, showed that men who had at least one male sexual partner in the previous 5 years had an average of 16.7 sexual partners during that time period, while men who only had sex with women had an average of 4.8 sexual partners during that time. A 2004 study showed the number of partners for MSM dropped to 13.4 partners per year

The number of sexual partners is way to high no matter what the orientation. The fact is that if you sleep with someone you are actually sleeping with the many partners they have had. So in heterosexuals a couple averages around ten per couple.

In homosexual couples it is twenty eight by the figure only it is in one year. The hetrosexual number is based on five. I don’t know if it was a typo. But if this is yearly take the number to the power of partners and years. Ouch.

Not all gay men are like that you know.

I know men who have 40+ partners but most I know have about 2-4 sexual partners at the most.

Exactly. A small number of highly promiscuous gay men will pull the entire average up, but that doesn’t mean that risk is shared equally by all gay men.

Yes, but not to make this an R-rated thread it may also be due in part to the nature of the sexual acts themselves that make a homosexual more prone to infection.Not sure, but just a thought.

Look each partner you have that has (I like the fact the some say only) had 2 to 4 other partners means this. If you (no matter what your sexual orientation) have had relations with 2 people that have had sex with 2 people each the number of chances of becoming infected yourself is 12 times more then if you never had relations. And this only stands if those never had relations with anyone prior to your “friends” not having had sex at all.

What part of exponentially increasing the chance of disease with each encounter do most people not understand?

Oh, we get that. We’re just saying that just because some homosexuals have sex with many guys dosen’t mean all homosexuals should be seen in that light.

Then if you get it. Why take the chance? I TRULY DON’T UNDERSTAND what is the reasoning behind “sleeping” around? and this means everyone not just the gay community.

OK I am old. Have been married for almost 41 years. My husband was the boy nextdoor. We waited till marrage I was 21 and he was 24. We had feelings we were not superhuman. We were innundated with sexual messages (it was the 60’s). I still just don’t understand.

Probably because it feels good. That’s why I did it atleast

That’s good. More people should wait, I wish I did.

Where does someone find God telling us to do what “feels” good? Life is not easy.

Look I know of one couple that was together for years. Everyone knew they were “gay”. They were neighbors and treated no different then any other neighbors. We have lived her over 30 years now. One of the men died about ten years ago. The other is still here and in poor health. We all help out when he needs help and even told the township that we would help him maintain a small bridge on his property. These men were never vocal as to their private life just as we arn’t with ours. If everyone felt and acted this way there would be no problems. This is what I would call “live and let live”. Each of our lives are between God and us. Our lives are not made to be a bandwagon banner.

I think that US culture, by and large, doesn’t condemn premarital sex, at least for anyone older than high school age. In fact, premarital sex is seen as the norm - anyone who doesn’t partake is seen as odd, or at best hopelessly quaint. And if you aren’t married, conventional wisdom is that there is no reason not to have more than one partner.

I’m not saying those cultural values are correct, just that they are prevalent.

yeah…i know. but that life isn’t for everyone. Many gays love to have sex with lots and lots of partners, I know i did. i don’t think we should judge them. commited relationship or not, it’s not our place to say something.

Gay men should have zero partners,if you’re referring to genital sex.Gay men and gay women like ALL single and unmarried people like me are called to Chastity.Period.

K. But that’s not the point I was making.


I’m trying to show that most gays don’t have that many partners.

This is what confuses me about our “free love” society today. The simplest answer is that people desire sexual pleasure and, given the nature of sex in society today, society feels it is okay to have sex with anyone at anytime.

But this answer doesn’t answer the real big underlying questions, such as why does society promote this type of activity, and angrily oppose any efforts at chastity and abstinence?

Why does society not condemn equally heterosexual activity outside of marriage instead of pretending that this only hits homosexual men? There is a certain percentage of men who just sleep around with other women and women who sleep with other men. This study makes it sound like they are not at risk. Maybe they don’t account for the current cases but that behavior puts them equally at risk. It is promiscuity that puts one at risk. If one maintains a monogamous relationship through life they pose very little risk regardless of whether it is heterosexual or homosexual.

I don’t know about society, but according to the Cathechism of the Catholic Church heterosexual activity outside of marriage is a mortal sin. I try to condemn it as much as I can at appropriate times. Yet, I do think that homosexual men sexual activity is a much greater issue.

Homosexual men are 2-3% of the population. Yet, they make up 65% of the Syphilis cases. 65/3 = 21.6 35/97 = .36 21.6/.36 = 60. So homosexual men seem to be about 60 times more infected with syphilis than heterosexual people in general. Most heterosexual people that I know (though I may have an extremely biased sampling pool) have 0-1 partner. 40 partners and even 2-4 partners is large and dangerous!

I think that the effort to address this issue and reduce promiscuity in the homosexual population will both help end stigma against homosexeuals and help save their lives. If they suffer signficantly less from STDs than they do now, then they will not be stereotyped as suffering from an STD.

The Pope said that we need to save ourselves from self-destructive sexual lifestyles. lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/dec/08122301.html That means both homosexuals and heterosexuals. But if we are to minister to those who seem to be most at need, most at risk, and learn the causes for why this seems to be the case: perhaps we should focus on homosexual men. :slight_smile: :confused: :shrug:

Your thoughts are greatly welcomed and appreciated! :slight_smile: :heart: :heart: :smiley: :slight_smile:

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