Homosexual thoughts

I’ve been struggling with thinking that I am homosexual but I now I’m not and I like girls. I overthink a lot of stuff and this is one of them. So i get aroused randomly and today I was thinking of homosexual stuff thinking that I was getting aroused by that but I know that I wasn’t and try to push those thoughts away but I can’t. I know I’m not homosexual but I think I’m going to hell because of what happened today. Any help will help thanks.

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It sounds like you’re simply curious. That’s different than if you go out and commit a homosexual act. You must refrain from committing homosexual acts, including homosexual lust. Jesus said that if your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. You have to eliminate whatever is making you think homosexual thoughts. There are christians who experience same-sex attractions, but they are called to celibacy and to glorify God in their singleness.

Your post is consistent with you either (a) being a normal red-blooded man who usually is attracted to women, but sometimes gets aroused by men, or (b) being in denial about the nature of your sexual attractions. You should ask yourself whether you’re in denial – whether most of your attractions are really to men. But if you’re not in denial, then your experience today is not a big deal at all. You got aroused by the thought of naked bodies. Big whoop. Repent of any conscious decision you made to encourage lust in yourself, seek out confession if necessary, and move on.

Do you often experience a lot of self-hatred, by the way? I hear a bit of self-hatred in your post.

Im very sorry youre so troubled…i can sense your pain and confusion. Just remember whether u are attracted to men/women/both or not attracted to sex at all…sex is to be used in the vocation of a Sacramental marriage between a man and woman open to the pro-creation of children.

Outside of that we are all called to be chaste (even in marriage).

There comes a time in ppls marriages where for one reason or the other sex is no longer possible. Take comfort in knowing that our natural state is not to be having sex in heaven. There will be no marriage in heaven.

Chastity even celibacy has many virtues as the person alligns themselves with higher reasoning and less of the lower faculties.

In the future u will have to do much soul seeking like anyone else to find out if marriage is the vocation God calls u to.

If u are homosexual u can live a joyous celibate life. Just as the never married/divorced without annulment are called to do.

God bless♡

Also…remember the conditions of a mortal sin

  1. Grave matter
  2. Full knowledge
  3. Full consent of the will

This article explains what you may be experiencing. If you’re a nervous person who worries a lot then you may wish to seek counseling. Also, considering the amount of press homosexuality receives its probably not unusual for random thoughts to crop up.

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