Homosexual wedding

Is it a sin for a catholic to attend a homosexual wedding?
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You definitely should not go.

I don’t think it would be a true sin, but an occasion of ain, because you are “supporting” the homeosexual sin. So, don’t go! Haha!

To attend is giving silent approval. Maybe just make an excuse would solve the problem.

I know you might think that by not attending may harden that person against you or even your belief. But if they truly care for you then they will understand.

yep agree with all of the above–would be scandal

Personally I would not go to one because as a Catholic it is against my beliefs and attending would seem to indicate approval and support. I would not discuss my reasons but simply decline the invitation. The less said the better, however, if it was the wedding of a close relative or friend then I might feel comfortable explaining why I could not attend.

If you don’t feel comfortable don’t go.

I wouldn’t go we need to stand firm in our faith and beliefs and not give the impression that we support homosexual unions.

God bless

People have been saying no, but they also forget to ask who is it? If it is a close friend and family member, I think you should because God calls us to love our neighbour. If you don’t attend, then it could some friction. If it is a casual friend, office worker, who you don’t know very well, then I wouldn’t bother. If the ceremony really bothers you, then skip it and attend the reception. Just make sure you give them a good excuse. Family and love should come first.

No, even if the ceremony involves family, it is still a scandal. The most charitable thing in that instance would be to tell her sister or brother or whomever that, though she loves and cares deeply for them, she cannot attend because she cannot pretend like it is a marriage when it is not.

We’re called to charity, but that doesn’t mean bowing at the altar of modern values for the sake of not hurting anyone’s feelings. Gay marriage is a lie and a vicious social and moral evil whether it involves our kids or the guy who bags our groceries at the Albertsons or Publix down the block.

It is a sin.

If you would not go to a satanic ritual, why would you go to a gay wedding ?

Tell me: when God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person?’ We must always consider the person.

  • Pope Francis

In other words - there is no universal answer to your question. The person (people) and circumstances must also be considered. The same is true for a heterosexual wedding.

It would be an offense against God. Do not go.

Going to the gay wedding of a relative is not the answer. If you really love them and care about their eternal souls, you would with charity and love explain to them why you can’t encourage their wedding and why you will not be able to attend. Somebody has to be brave enough to give them the truth in love about their situation and how it offends God. And by the way, if this did involve a brother or sister they should have enough consideration for Catholic family members to either not invite them or be reasonable when they decline the invitation. To do otherwise is selfish, immature and completely inconsiderate.
Otherwise if this involves a friend or coworker just simply decline.

When one attends a wedding such is seen as “celebrating” the event. Even in the case of weddings that are not authentic wedding. It is seen as approving etc.

Yes there is an answer - one ought not attend such.

  1. In those interviews there have been translation issues and memory issues etc

  2. The Pope endorsed the teaching of the Church (of course). So see the Teaching of the Church.

  3. Yes we love the persons involved - but we may not endorse or approve etc in the objectively sinful actions that they do. Such includes any attempted “homosexual wedding” etc. Love the persons…do not love or support or approve objectively sinful matters. Not “celebrate” that which is contrary to the natural and supernatural order-and indeed which cannot be.

What is sinful, in my view, is any attempt to make such universal statements with no specific knowledge of the individuals involved or family situation.

That is itself an attempt itself to make a “universal statement”…

Here is a Catholic Answers staff apologist comment on such questions:

“In the case of same-sex partners, the Church has spoken so strongly against “same-sex marriage” that I cannot recommend attending or celebrating “same-sex weddings” under any circumstances.”

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