Homosexuality--A Question in the Form of a Scenario

I’m more inclined to think you’re dyslexic and actually in the range of 41.

…you did not seem to be a girl to me… (but you’re actually around my age :eek:!)

The only difference between homosexual sin and other sexual sins are that they are more obvious. I’m sure that some of the people I’ve shaken hands with during the sign of peace were cohabiting or used artificial contraception or whatnot. It’s always wrong. But your scenario is pretty difficult. They need counseling from the priest, first off. And their decisions from thenceforth will show their willingness to change for the faith.

I offer them the sign of peace. I have no way of knowing what kind of lifestyle the live. Maybe they live chaste at home. Maybe they have orgies until four in the morning. Maybe they’re somewhere in between. It’s really none of my business in the pew during mass. I would hope they would offer me the sign of peace as I am a sinner, too. I would pray for their ongoing conversion as I hope that they would pray for mine.

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