Homosexuality and demonic possession

Having read a few articles on this I was interested in getting your opinions. I read accounts of people who struggle with sodomy may have let evil spirits enter into them. I have read a few accounts of deliverance and although I feel skeptical they seem true. Does the catholic church discuss this- deviant sexuality and possession? I would be interested if a priest or well educated lay person had something to say?

I believe if same sex attraction were a demonic possession, than every single human being would need an excorcism, because there is not one single human being who does not suffer from an immoral desire of some kind.

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I don’t think he was saying that homosexuality is a form of demonic possession, but was curious if engaging in the practice could leave a person open to some form of demonic attachment. To answer the OP, there are many things which can leave someone vulnerable, such as pornography. For this reason, I could see that homosexual practice may lead to a more vulnerable state, although I certainly am not an expert.

Your right, my apologies.

I have never heard of this or read anything about such a thing. Personally (my opinion only), I wouldn’t give much credence to it. Though same-sex union is a sin, being a homosexual is not.

Sin does imply turning from God of course, but I would not think it means someone has let evil spirits enter into them. As far as I understand most cases of possession do not involve willingness on the part of the one possessed. I could be wrong, but I really think if there is a true possession it is not necessarily because of the person’s sinfulness or a willingness on their part to be possessed.

Not necessarily people indulging in the occult have opened a spiritual gateway for evil spirits would you not agree? Also the third poster was correct what I meant was does homosexuality open one up for demonic possession or at least demonic influence? In one of the accounts the delivered said that basically every sin had a demon attached to it-I do feel somewhat skeptical about that. As for homosexuality, bestiality, incest as these are truly unnatural sins would you not say that engaging in them might allow the underlings of Abaddon to rush in the door?

Oh I do think that any sin does open the door to evil, and may be actually a sort of “small possession.” I am just saying possession is not limited to those who are freely opening the door to it. And simply being homosexual does not necessarily open the door to being evil. Homosexuals are just as capable of being celibate as unmarried heterosexuals.

The problem lies in giving into the temptations, of which we are all exposed to and subjected to. When we give in we open the door to the darkness and evil of Satan.

I wholeheartedly agree!

Any form of promiscuity or immoral sexual behavior can open one up to demonic possession.
The three behaviors associated with inviting demonic possession are: promiscuity (illicit sex), drug/substance abuse, dabbling in occultic practices.
Sadly, sexual abuse can be a cause of demonic possession, too.

In general, and not just specific to this particular post, how often do you think actual demonic possession occurs?

Probably alot more than we think.

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