Homosexuality and suicide


So… homosexual activists claim that the “intolerance” of Christians (Catholics in particular) drives those dealing with SSAD to suicide, especially at young ages. This is, of course, a loaded statement, but I do question whether there might not be some truth to it, especially in this day and age when “sensitivity” seems to be the norm rather than “stead-fastedness.”

Does anyone know of any solid work that does or does not corroborate this claim? I’m interested only in journal articles or books on the subject. Please no websites unless they point to original sources.

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This one has lots of references: narth.com/docs/whitehead.html


Well, you said it alredy…it’s a “loaded statement”. There are many more factors that add up to suicide, and blaming Christian Moral teaching as a sole factor has as it’s only goal the softening or eliminating the Christian prohibitions of homosexual activity.

I’ll bet there are plenty of people affected with SSA that do not ever even remotely think of suicide, and there are plenty of those who unfortunately do commit suicide where Christian Moral values are never a factor.

This would be a difficult thing to document either way; a suicide note may not be what a person is really thinking, given that those who commit suicide are most likely not thinking straight in the first place, and that those who have contemplated suicide but have not actually done it (but say that Christian Moral prohibitions had something to do with their anguish) don’t qualify as having done the deed.

My guess is that you can tell the results of such a “study” simply by who promotes it.


Yes, that’s my idea too. That’s why I’m hoping people here have come across reliable information. One gets the feeling that such statements are N-th hand information or what homosexual activists would like to believe.


That one’s good. I forgot about NARTH. I should have checked there first.

Anymore ppl?


Although it doesn’t relate directly to your topic, in his book The Courage to be Chaste Fr. Benedict Groschel addresses responses to homosexual attraction as well as addiction to pornography, masturbation, etc… My recollection is that he states that overcoming sexual sin results in an integration of the personality that is beneficial to the person. I think that would make a person less likely to see suicide as an option. The author is a psychologist as well as a priest. This is a very helpful book.


Totally agree! I read some of his writings on the Courage website, and I found his ideas to be absolutely fantastic.


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