homosexuality and the eucharist

should an un repentant and practicing homosexual receive the eucharist?


Should an unrepentant sinner of any kind receive the Eucharist? If the frequent and unrepentant sins are mortal, NO!!!

Edited: I have a sneaking suspicion that if you are unrepentant of even a venial sin, you are putting yourself at risk in receiving the Eucharist.

There are three conditions for a mortal sin. The only thing we’re sure of here is the sin. And even so, all the OP said was “practicing”. The catechesim says only homosexual sexual relations are grave matter. If that’s what the OP meant, then there are further still two other conditions that the person must meet to be in mortal sin.

Of course ‘practicing’ homosexual refers to one who actually indulges in homosexual relations - since homosexuality is defined either as actual practice of or desire to practice such relations, and you can’t ‘practice’ a desire.

Of course you are quite correct that all three conditions need to be met before you can definitively say this person is in mortal sin and should not receive the Eucharist. Really that is something only the person and their confessor can determine.

But the term “unrepentant”, IMO, means they know the Church teaches its a sin, and they don’t intend to change their ways.

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