Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth by Jeffrey Satinover


Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, MS, MD is a former Fellow in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry at Yale University and the past president of the C.G. Jung Foundation. He holds degrees from MIT, the University of Texas, and Harvard University. He is presently Visiting Lecturer in Civil Liberties & Constitutional Law in the Department of Politics, Princeton University.

He is, further, the author of Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth an analysis of the debate over homosexuality viewed from psychological, religious and scientific perspectives. Now in its eighth printing, it has been applauded by psychologists, psychiatrists, scientists and religious leaders and has remained continuously among Baker Book House’s academic best-sellers since it was first released in February of 1996.

Out of the 77 reviewers on Amazon you will find 45 give the book a four or five star review; 26 give it a one. Hmmm. If you have a minute persuse those reviews and you will begin to understand the politics that underscores any legitimate scientist commenting on the gay culture. It’s a wonder any of them bother, really.

But Dr. Satinover did and even though the book is a little bit dated (It deals with the AIDS crisis for example) it reveals a political history that is now almost defunct and certainly not mentioned any longer. He lost this debate and no one mentions anything he once said anymore. For example how GRID became AIDS and why and the “priorities” of the AIDS crisis. We live with the consequences of all this today and, for me, I had simply not been aware (or had I been swept along somehow?).

It’s a sad book to read and reveals a hidden side of this crisis – does anyone know anymore how many gay men died of AIDS this year? I went to the CDC and tried to look at the recent stats to figure that out – and you can’t find it anymore – AIDS is no longer a “gay disease” and has been subsumed into other categories.

Anyways, this is the book that puts it all back into perspective – something I bumped into recently. Reading selections today and tomorrow here.


There might be slightly more recent data available, but here are some statistics regarding AIDS deaths 2003 - 2007. The numbers are broken into various categories, including the means that HIV was transmitted.

I was reading a few weeks ago that around 70% of the people with AIDS in the USA are homosexual males. How is that not a gay disease?

In Africa it’s really sad. It starts off as a result of people getting the disease because they lack self-control, and then their kids are born with AIDS. Terrible disease. I don’t understand how anyone can cheat on their spouse… it’s just so evil: not only does it hurt your spouse/marriage, but it also puts innocent people (faithful spouse, children) at risk of disease. Sin of selfishness, bigtime.

Perfect. Just what I was after (how could I have missed it?). Thanks for the help.


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