Homosexuality connection to abuse in church


What’s the link between homosexuality and the child abuse crisis in the Church?

I’ve heard that homosexuality is the source of the issue. But my thought is just because someone has homosexual tendencies doesn’t mean that they are child molesters.


I agree. If we use the gay=molester rule, then we’d have to use straight=molester rule also.




All straight men are not rapists.
All homosexual men are not child molesters.
But of all the documented cases of child molestation by priests, the vast majority are homosexual in nature.


but why is this?


Misconception 1: “the sex abuse scandal is about pedophilia”

The truth: it isn’t. The majority of sex scandals were with post pubescent male minors. Clinically speaking, pedophilia refers to children who are before puberty.

So the vast majority of sex crimes were with biologically (though not legally or emotionally) “adult” males.

Misconception 2: “by claiming the sex abuse scandal is primary homosexual, you are saying all pedophilia is a homosexual issue, plus straight men can be pedophiles too.”

The Truth: even though the word “pedophilia” is often thrown around, the sex abuse scandal is PRIMARY with biologically adult males (though legally minors). Also, all of the lawsuits at this point have focused on minors, nothing (until McCarrick) seriously regarding abusing seminarians (how are legally adults).

We’ve just only begun to scratch the surface of the sex scandals at the seminaries.

Misconception 3: “the sex abuse scandal is about pedophilia”

The truth: again: clinical pedophilia is a part of the problem, but it’s just a smaller %. And yes, sex abuse with female children & female adults are issues too. However, again, according to the John Jay report, the vast majority of sexual sins/crimes were perpetrated against post pubescent males.

Misconception 4: “most gay men do not commit sexual crimes and most gay priests are not predators“

The truth: no one claimed that they are. A chaste priest who experiences same sex attraction AND who 100% believes in what the Church teaches about sexual morality is NOT a problem.

The problems are (a) clergy who are NOT chaste (either heterosexual or homosexual); (b) clergy who (even if chaste) disagree with the Church on sexual morality; and © the culture of secrecy & victimhood that the sex abuse crisis in the seminaries produces. Good people learn to look the other way, and victimized young seminarians wind up victimizing young seminarians and even lay minors.

So while homosexuality is not the sole cause of this crisis, it is the biggest chuck of it.

God Bless


Not so. The Australian Royal Commission put the average age of those abused in Catholic institutions at 10/11. That’s average. There is no more authoritative study. The offenders, on average, were child molesters.


While that might be true in Australia, that’s not what the John Jay Report found here in the United States.

NOTE: I am NOT saying that child molesters are not a major problem nor a major part of this crisis. But they are not the sole problem. Sexual sin (of all kinds) within the priesthood and seminaries is the problem. Whether it be porn addiction or unchaste sexual encounters. And the majority of the reported sinful sexual encounters (with other people) is male on male.


You are on the Internet. The Internet is not ‘here in the United States’. The actual figures in the John Jay report are:


Right. Now take the 11-14 year olds and divide that into two. 1 group for 11 & 12 year olds and another for 13 & 14 year olds. Add the 13 & 14 year olds to the 15-17 year olds.

Also, let’s not forget about the 18 and 19 year olds who are not on this report. I’m equally concerned with the seminarian getting sexual abused as I am with the child.

NO ONE should be sexually abused. The crisis is not child abuse. It’s sexual abuse at all ages.

And while the majority of homosexual men are not abusers, the vast majority of sexual abuse is male on male. That cannot be ignored.


That is foolish to think that just because one has homosexual tendencies they must be a child molester. No, that is not the underlying issue. The reason Homosexuality is linked to the scandal in the Catholic Church is because in MOST of the cases, the people who were taken advantage of were not minors. At that point, it can still be sexual abuse/assault, abuse of power, but it is not a pedophile issue. Some of it was even consensual. (Which to the worlds standards is fine if its consensual, but to the Churchs standards, Gay sex or gay acts is a grave evil and is one that cries to heaven for vengeance.) We know this form the male prostitute who came forward and named cardinals and church officials who visited the prostitution house, or the gay cocaine fueld orgy that was going on in a vatican apartment. (Not by pope francis but by an aide that mccarrick) So, here we see that clearly Homosexuality is the issue, but of course modern day media has already celebrated gay ‘marriage’ and so they cant criticize the church because even they know its related to homosexuality. Its not an issue of let these poor priests be married, or its a pedophile issue, it clearly is a gay subculture that the devil has penetrated the defenses of the Church with.

God Bless.


OK I know something about this. Puberty does not alter the fact that young people under 18 (even some over that age) have childlike appearances and personalities. These abusers are abusing people to whom they are attracted because of their likeness to children. There are a range of child abuser profiles but I know of no jurisdiction that upholds ‘puberty’ as a boundary that makes child abuse a different quality, any more than a distinction is made between people who are interested in those aged 6-8 and those aged 7-9 (yes, there are such preferences). I am really startled (that’s the best word I can use) at your statement that you care as much about adult seminarians. I thought as a Catholic you were required to have special regard for children. I don’t mean you should not care about adults who are abused, but this is different from the abuse of children.


You are taking my words out of context.

Let me put it another way. Yes, child abuse is one of the most evil crimes & sins know the man.

But the sexual abuse of an 18 or 19 year old is also a mortal sin.

It might not reach the same level of evil, but it’s still horrible.

What I see with the media and some people, is that they focus SOLEY on the child abuse and tend to ignore the abuse of legal adults.

What I’m saying is that the sexual abuse scandal is not limited to children.


I have not noticed this in the media. The media seems delighted to report anyone who has taken a vow of celibacy engaging in any sexual act, whoever it is with. And in wider society the whole #Metoo movement is about adults who have been abused in situations of power imbalance. Here is today’s example: https://www.washingtonpost.com/religion/2019/01/08/opus-dei-paid-settle-sexual-misconduct-claim-against-prominent-catholic-priest/?utm_term=.02672f4fca2c


First, I’m not talking about legal jurisdictions, I’m talking about clinical definitions by doctors of psychiatry.

Also, as psychiatrists often say, not all child molesters are pedophiles. Sometimes a sex abuser chooses a child due to “easy of access.”

Regardless: my point is that it’s wrong to focus on one particular part of the sex abuse scandal. Instead we should focus on its root. An infidelity to the teachings of the Church, esp regarding sexual morality.


Yes, these are starting to come to light more now, thanks to #metoo. But for decades, when former seminarians would report sexual abuse in seminaries, they were rarely taken seriously.


Will all homosexaul goes to hell?


So as a thought experiment, lets assume that there has been zero abuse of adolescents (who are still children by the way, but for the sake of the argument) and adults by people in responsible Church roles. Do we not still have a historical problem of child abuse of monstrous proportions?


I can’t in my heart believe that homosexuality leads to child abuse. The gay people I know would not hurt children or take advantage them.

I hate to see these articles where I read about violence against those who consider themselves gay and Catholic.

However, I do wish the more liberal newspapers and the LGBT community would acknowledge some of the facts on these studies and say something intelligent about them. They can’t hide behind some of the misinformation in the liberal media forever…I’m not even a conservative Catholic. Honestly, I’d see myself as “leaning” to be a progressive Catholic.

The studies really do show that that about 75% of the cases of abuse are older males going after post-pubescent males (e.g. 12-16 year olds) and the issue is not really pedophilia.

Perhaps the LGBT community does need to do some soul searching here.


You’re going to have a hard time finding any group where ALL of it’s members will go to Hell.

All practicing homosexuals who die unrepentant and do not recieve a Grace of final repentance will go to Hell. Is that 1% 10% 50% or 100% pf currently practicing homosexuals? No one but God knows.

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