Homosexuality IS a Sin!


Does anyone actually disagree with this?


Feelings are not sins.

Actions can be sins.

So what are you referring to? The action or the feeling?


Both. Also lust, not just lustful actions, is sinful.


Lust is a sin. But mere thoughts are not.

However, innate feelings–especially when not dwelt upon—are NOT a sin. Never have been, never will be. If one does not entertain fleeting thoughts, they are just thoughts. God does not punish us for thinking.


It’s unfair to call the feeling a sin; feelings can’t be helped. If a man is attracted to other men it’s not because he choose to be; many homosexuals often try really hard to be heterosexual at first.


Same-sex attraction is not a sin. But acting upon those desires IS. And lust is different from a feeling.

Feelings aren’t always deliberate either, just like thoughts. We don’t have complete control, and full consent is what determines whether or not it’s a sin.

For more information: https://missasolemnisblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/12/gay-marriage-is-not-real-marriage-the-supreme-court-got-it-wrong/.


Lust is an emotion


Would you argue that love is also an emotion?


Yes. Homosexual feelings are not a sin, Anyone homosexual or heterosexual is called to refrain from sexual relations outside of marriage.

I always wonder how posts like these make our forum friends on the forum with SSA feel.

When is the last time anyone posted "Anyone agree heterosexual activity outside of marriage is a sin?
Why is the rate of those having sex outside of marriage so high? etc etc.

Just a though of mine.


It is, but when love become sodomy or lust, it becomes sinful


What is SSA? Also sex outside of marriage is a sin


Its a sin that cries out to God for vengeance.


It’s understandable why you would think that, but it’s not really theologically correct.

Could you explain love without comparing it to lust?


Oxford Dictionary: An intense feeling of deep affection.


It is beyond mere attraction. Most of us experience attraction to the opposite sex. This is not sinful.


Same Sex Attraction. To be contrasted with the attraction to the opposite sex that most of us experience.


What is your intent in initiating this thread?


Sins are actions, not dispositions. Homosexuality is a disposition.

Homosexuality is an affective disorder, a “cross in wiring” as it were where certain feelings are directed exclusively in directions that are contrary to human flourishing. “Same sex attraction” is a broader term, and I think quite a few people experience same-sex attraction at times in their lives without there being any “wires crossed”, or without having any particular “disposition” toward it. There’s a taboo on people discussing their own experiences of same-sex attraction. Sometimes people who very aggressively attack the disposition of homosexuality (as opposed to the sin) are afraid of homosexuality, as if it is a virus that someone might catch. It’s not like that.


Homosexual acts yes.

People suffering from a mental disorder and living according to the teachings of the Church I.E celibacy and chastity no.


A temptation.

God Bless

Thank you for reading.

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