Homosexuality rejected by advertising?

I normally wouldn’t start a thread like this but the observation is clear. There has been a big push for years to put homosexual charactors in tv shows and it has prevailed. Social media advocates for it in a variety of ways. In addition, we know there is politically correct awareness that endorses homosexuality.

The one area (in the US) that avoids promoting it is advertising, as in tv commercials and magazine ads. Do you see any tv commercials with a man sitting on the other mans lap and/or giving a kiss? I don’t see two woman holding hands as lovers promoting a ciggarette brand in a magazine.

If homosexuality is widely embraced and “normal”, what do the advertisers fear? I would imagine some in the advetising field are gay, yet there is no sign of it in ads.

My point is advertisers must know they will lose customers or it will repel the possible buying of a product. So, I would say, convieniently, it is not widely accepted even by mainstream or liberal America (when it translates into dollars).

Corporate America knows that the majority of Americans are not yet ready for homosexuality in advertising.

We’re still being groomed and readied for that.

I think that there is a presence of gay culture in commercials, I just think you need to look for it if you’re straight. It’s been widely known that Subaru has subtle messages in their commercials that appeal to homosexuals. More often than not these are codes that the in-crowd knows about and the rest of us are just plain ignorant about.

Likewise, I’ve notice commercials (especially for restaurants) that show four people out for dinner, three men and one woman. The commercial is somewhat ambiguous about who is with whom. Are they four friends out for dinner or two couples?

I’m sure there are many more example. It’s there if you look. It’s also easy to be paranoid about it.

I see many ads in magazines targeting the SSA population. Also, on dedicated gay content cable channels, commercials as you described dominate.

You haven’t seen this Urban Outfitters ad? mirror.co.uk/incoming/article798371.ece/BINARY/URBAN+OUTFITTERS+Image±+models+kissing+lesbian

Granted, it’s probably not the best example, but give the advertising industry time, if it can be exploited, it will be.

i never even thought about this lol!

I wasn’t speaking of products aimed at gays of which I can’t think of any anyway, unless your talking abouts lubes and condoms, which always have straight people in them on tv. “Dedicated gay content cable channels” have different commercials? I’m not talking about ambiguity, where two guys are just talking to an insurance girl. I’m speaking of holding hands, kissing, laying in bed.etc…

People apparently don’t want to see it, otherwise it would be prevelent.

I think thats the UK, I specified the US. You made a good point though. Personally I don’t think you will see any time soon a guy sitting on another guys lap and brushing his hair back in a laundry detergent commercial. They want to sell the product and the reality is that it turns people off. If it didn’t, it would be in the commercials already.

I was once at my friend’s house and we were watching a movie, I think it was called “Chicago” and it was on a “gay” channel. There were advertisements one of which was two women in a bed.

Sounds kinda rare but like you said it was a "gay’ channel whatever that means. It just reinforces my point. A channel specifically for gay folks is not the 1 million other channels of mainstream America.

Gee, ya think? LOL

Call me a bad not-yet-a-Catholic but I am more concerned and irked by advertising that normalizes non-marital sex, casual sex, and the sexualization of younger and younger girls.

I don’t think rejected is the right word. Certainly advertisers in the US haven’t enthusiastically embraced homosexuality but there certainly are campaigns. Levis and Abercrombie and Fitch come to mind immediately. I know there were also commercials produced for Doritos and the iPhone thought they may not have aired. I don’t think it’s a case of reluctance so much as it is figuring out where the target market is watching.

I see your point but it doesn’t entirely follow through logically. If an ad man/woman presents a storyboard of two men kissing while driving through the countryside after purchasing their new 2012 Ford, it will be rejected. Homosexuality is supposed to be “mainstream” now, yet the truth is those images are too much for the American public to accept.

OK, but an ad man/woman did present a story board with that contained a man repeatedly raising and lowering his jeans while alternating between sharing steamy looks with another man and staring at his crotch. That ad sold. That’s the Levi’s commercial. And an ad man/woman did pitch a story board with two women sitting in bed talking about their sex life, cutting to a fireworks display, then back to the two women laying in bed together clearly post coital. That’s the KY ad. The Abercrombie catalog as well was full of men touching/hugging/kissing each other in various states of undress.

When you say there is no sign of homosexual ads can you be more specific as to what part of the market share you’re looking at?

I assumed he was talking mainly about television and magazines.

Personally I don’t have television and don’t read magazines so I’m not aware of any big time advertising campaigns that are homosexual lifestyle friendly… These ads are all new to me!

You make a good point. Honestly though did that Levis ad sell so well that they produced several others? Honestly I don’t know. From what I can see I would say no. “No sign of it” may have been too strong for me to say, thats true, but I refered more often to it being avoided. Yes the KY ad is suggestive . Thats the key word, suggestive. Why not show the two women kissing? I have not seen any tv commercial with either 2 men or 2 women kissing as lovers or sitting on the others lap. Point being, why be suggestive if homosexuality is just the same as a man and women being together?

As far as Abercrombie, I guess they have a certain clientel so you’ve got me on that. Given time it may become the norm but I would say right now advertisers are leary and all you have to do is figure out why that is.

Well OK…I have to ask…
What is hidden in Subaru ads??? I like Subarus, but am aware that they are associated with lesbians for some reason.
I took a mass media class in high school where they pointed out some of the subliminal messages hidden in adverts, and have been fascinated ever since.

Amen to this!

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