Homosexuals adopting children?


How do think the kids will turn out? What will their lifestyle be.? I would think it would be very hard on the kids, and I’m not in favor of it. I know, somebodys going to say that they know a homo. couple that raised kids, and they turned out just fine. What’s your opinion?


The statistics don’t look good for this type of arrangement… where kids are involved, nothing should be left to chance… i vote no…

Children don’t need that kind of disorder in their lives… :cool:


[quote=davy39]How do think the kids will turn out? What will their lifestyle be.? I would think it would be very hard on the kids, and I’m not in favor of it. I know, somebodys going to say that they know a homo. couple that raised kids, and they turned out just fine. What’s your opinion?

IMO I think on average they will have greater problems than if they were raised in traditional families. I think stats show that children of divorced families tend to have more problems, I think a similar dynamic would take place in this environment.


Their minds will not accept the proper morals. In fact, if they’re the same gender as their “parents”, they may decide to become homosexual as well! However, I don’t think our Catholic buddies in Congress or Parliament aren’t gonna win this battle. So, if homosexuals were allowed to adopt, make it be one of the opposite sex. Then their minds are less likely to be changed.


There was just an article in our paper about a nine-year old boy who lived with his Mom and her girlfriend. He constantly had stomachaches because kids called him homosexual. He had pulled out all of his eyelashes. In addition, his mother’s lover was not real nice to him, and one day they just found him dead in his room. There was no explanation - he had a high amount of ibuprofen in his system, but not enough to kill him. They found he also had kidney stones.

Nine years old.

I don’t think all homosexual parents are cruel to their children. I think, just as heteosexual parents, they can be loving in a caring environment. However, I believe that it’s an environment for many children that is abnormal, and causes much strife and stress in their tiny lives. I do not think we can judge anyone, yet I think sometimes we sacrifice our children for our own wants and needs, instead of sacrificing our wants and needs for that of our children.


An abnormal environment children dont belong in…this should have been a “double bill” so to speak…one against gay marriage and the other against gays being allowed to adopt.


Stop 'lowing gays to adopt children!! Kick 'em O-W-T from the church!! The gays, that is.



Even if they turned out to be virtuos pious upstanding citzens of this nation, they would still be faced with the issue of the actions of their parents and need to deal with it. We never cause without effecting someone else. No man is an island.

If they chose to agree with the action, they sin as that rejects God. If they remain in contact with them in habitual sin, then that is forbidden as well, God is rejected again.

No one singles out homosexuals, the law is a blanket one encompassing all those who are in habitual sin. The same would be true for a parent who is a habitual thief,etc.

Square peg, round hole. It just doesn’t work without offending the law Maker, and that is what matters.



Im glad the “boston?” diocese stopped being involved with adoptions over this very issue. I feel allowing a child to be adopted by homosexual couples to be very wrong.


Church is precisely the place they should be. :yup:

BTW folks, this thread is two years old. Don’t expect the people from the first six posts to still be here (although its possible).


Present culture in America is no longer about tradition but about breaking away from it.Yet our Catholic faith is based on tradition and Scripture. We are all fighting a great evil in this world. Two parents of the same sex is bound to screw up kids even more let alone present effects of divorces b/w heterosexual parents on kids. Our individualistic culture of everyone wanting to do want they want and how it should not be anyone elses’ business is taking its toll on families.

Just my two cents… Peace!

Regis University Student.


My position is this:

There are loving, mature, life-long committed homosexual couples out there. They have the ability raise children whom heterosexual couples have abandoned (for whatever reason - even, possibly, a good reason). These couples must be good people who will raise the children lovingly. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a child be raised in a good home by two parents of the same sex than have a child be raised in a bad home by two parents of the opposite sex.


It is the same as the following…

Should known alcoholics be allowed to adot children?
Drug addicts?
How about people who served a sentance for murder in the past?

Whatever our answer, it should be the same for all.


yes homsexuality can be compared to adultery,alcoholism,drug addicts,and murderers that makes a lot of sense. I don’t think any sane person can argue that the direct effect on a child from having gay parents can be anywhere near as severe as having parents who suffer from these problems. I think the greatest problem would be the way a child would be treated from the world for his parents being gay but if this was the reasoning behind banning gay marriage you are really saying the world is right for treating the child this way just because of his parent’s choices.


Don’t children have the right to a father and mother? How is exposing a child to two, or more, same sex persons acting in both roles healthy psychologically or morally for the children?

I also find the notion that the child would suffer more form society than from a contrived, false, relationship very troubling. In fact, I think the real threat is that society would allow such adoption.


Somebody who killed someone in their youth and served their time and is now let out of prision… I’d say about equal. (Otherwise how would a murderer be raising kids anyhow?) Parents with drug addictions and severe alcoholism would be worse. However exposing kids to a sinful lifestyle is teaching them it’s right and ok. Kids Learn by example! Haven’t you seen the stitistics of children who suffer the same problems their parents did?

Now I’m saying this as an ex-homosexual myself. I know many people living a gay lifestyle and even a couple who have a kid. It’s just not a healthy way for kids to grow up. I tried hard to not shun that couple because they were gay, but I eventually had to stop allowing my daughter to associate with theirs. They pushed a blurring of gender roles even when it was not desired by the kids. IF my Daughter wants to play with GI Joes… I really Don’t care. But I’m not going to make a Huge deal out of the very special occasion of her getting her first one and tell her she dosn’t need a baby doll when she wants one. This was supposedly a Christian household yet I had a distraught kid because her friend’s “other mommy” looked like a man and kept saying bad words in front of the kids.

Wild parties of mostly gays are not good for kids either. Most of the people who attend them have no kids and don’t care to, they aren’t going to be sensitive to a childs needs. Kids don’t need to be around those sorts if Public displays.

When a person sins it places a wedge between them and God. That seperation from God makes it much easier to sin in other ways. Remember the parents are setting up an example that the children will follow.


I find your post offensive. :mad: :mad: Gay or Hetero, People haverights*** I know that this was Part of Martin Luther Kings speech, but it applies here to: We hold these truths to be self evident : that all men are created equal*. equal. same rights for same sex couples is my view. They sould not Be ‘kicked’ from any where cos of their sexual orientation. That comment was uncalled for. what justification do you have for this comment? BTW, you spelt O-U-T W-R-O-N-G:tsktsk:


Wammy: I’ve found many of your posts offensive over the past few weeks so don’t be waiving your finger at anyone else. And you spelled should wrong.

Now as to your point, I too find his comments offensive. Nobody should be kicked out of the Church for having homosexual tendencies. Homosexuality is a disorder and can be sinful if acted upon, but that in no way disqualifies a person from joining or remaining in the Church.

As to your comment “same rights for same sex couples is my view”: I assume by that you mean that you think homosexuals should be allowed to “marry” and should be entitled to the same rights as actual married men and women. I totally disagree, and so does the Church, and every right thinking Christian on this planet. What a ridiculous thing to support. Perhaps you want to marry your brother, should that be allowed too? Marriage is a sacred and holy union, not something we can just toy around with to make ourselves feel open minded and inclusive.


Totally agree with you…but Whammy if you look at her profile is Wiccan…so perhaps she may not want to marry her brother but perhaps a tree or something:rolleyes:


They should not be kicked out of church.

Jesus said, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. But go and learn what this means, ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice.’ For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance” (Matthew 9:12-13).

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