"Homosexuals were recruited to bring down the Church" -prominent Catholic radio lady


I didn’t want to start this thread.

But hearing the constant scapegoating on prominent Catholic media, I feel obligated to share this garbage.

And yes, I will tell you who she is: Johnnette Benkovic on her radio show Women of Grace said it.

I know I know. Finger-point is easy. It’s human. We all want answers.

But come on. This has got to stop. It solves nothing. Really? The entire abuse crisis is due to communist recruits of “homosexuals” to “bring down the Church”?


One really doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry… :roll_eyes:


It gets ratings.

And demonises communists, homosexuals and Catholics. A hatrick!


Johnnette Benkovic is very well known and respected. If she’s saying it publicity, then there is credible evidence.

And, the truth is – THERE IS SOME CREDIBLE EVIDENCE. Some of the documents that have been disclosed indicate a deliberate effort to recruit seminarians from Columbia who were kicked out Colombian seminaries for homosexuality.

Now, that doesn’t mean that it was happening everywhere, but it apparently was happening in a few places.

God bless us and our Church as we remove the corruption.


Sad. Catholic media has adopted the mantra of the secular outlets. Pick the low hanging fruit and sensationalize it. Outrage is the guiding principle.


It doesn’t justify scapegoating an entire group.

Sure, maybe she doesn’t mean that.

But that’s what it sounds like. If you don’t carefully nuance what you say, you end up making an entire group look evil, you over-simplify the problems, and you (GASP!) end up sounding more and more like Church Militant, which makes you sound in-credible.


Or “un credible”


Or some internet forums that have nothing to do with religion.


Someone posted a link to this homily I listened to on a thread awhile back. Bold Homily From Priest addressing today’s scandals
It sounds very plausible, I see how some would say it’s a conspiracy theory but it makes perfect sense. The devil wants to destroy the church from within and what better way than to have wolves in sheep’s clothing? Purposely leading the flock astray.

Had a friend who was in seminary for a little bit and he said a priest basically talked about what was mentioned in the homily. Group of active homosexuals in the seminary and this was back in 70s. Sick to think about.


I agree that this irritates me quite a bit. There’s several of these scapegoating factions. Homosexuals, no women’s ordination, priestly celibacy, the form of confession are the biggest ones.

But the truth is, there is PLENTY that can be done without adjusting any of those things. Why don’t we push together for the obvious solutions like lay reporting councils instead if pushing in a 100 different directions nobody can agree on?


LifeSite and Churchmilitant are real sources of news. If you understand homosexuality and how they work on children and vulnerable male adults, you would change your tune. It is the most vile of all sins.


If there is credible evidence, say there is credible evidence. If you say it happened, though, there had better be evidence beyond any reasonable doubt that not just the action but also the motive and the perpetrators are exactly what you say they are. Rash judgment and calumny are also serious offenses.

If you wrongly harm the reputation of others or give occasion for false judgments concerning them, that is on you. It is not good enough to say afterwards that the evidence seemed compelling but that the accused had not chance to defend themselves with exculpatory evidence when you ought to have said that in the first place.

No women’s ordination is according to a pronouncement by the Pope saying it is to be definitively held.
On November 1, 2016, Pope Francis(http://w2.vatican.va/content/francesco/en.html) reaffirmed: “On the ordination of women in the Catholic Church, the last word was clearly given by Saint John Paul II(https://w2.vatican.va/content/john-paul-ii/en.html), and this remains.”

Let’s not mix apples and oranges. The evidence for some of these pronouncements is definitive, while for others it is essentially non-existent.


I’m inclined to think muder (including of the unborn) is worse.


I was listening to Catholic radio and a religious said, “Things went nuts in seminaries in the 1970s.” And wolves in sheeps’ clothing began appearing in our neighborhoods, preaching their false gospel of sex without marriage and use illegal drugs. Other things were done by those radicals who were inside the Church to wreck it. A two-pronged attack.


You are correct in that both are sins “Crying to Heaven for Vengeance” - but abortion destroys the body, but homosexuality destroys the soul.


I have noticed EWTN’s rather sharp shift to the far right, as well, and was a bit surprised. I think it’s a matter of choosing sides in the “Catholic Civil War”. I’ve noticed several other conservative Catholic sites drift in the same direction, too.


Abortion destroys the soul of the murderer.


Yes, but 1 soul goes to heaven. Sodomy on the other hand both souls go to Hell. Make sense?


Not if they repent.

The same is true of a fornicating heterosexual couple.


I feel the same way. Choosing of sides has begun.

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