i have a few gay friends, but since i have become more and more involved in my catholic faith during the last five monthes or so, i’ve become more and more confused as to how i should act towards them. none of them are catholic. i am caught between being kind and charitable, but at the same time, not wanting to support their way of life. when topics concerning homosexual marriage come up, they often make comments about how their love isnt recogonized by the state, that bush needs to realize that love is not about race, age, beliefs, or gender. how exactly am i supposed to behave?

Love means doing what is best for the beloved. And taking your loved one on a downward-spiraling road of sterile, sexual perversity is not what is best for him.


Marriage (from the State’s viewpoint) is not about recognizing love. It’s about the State recognizing that marriage is essential for the proper upbringing of children (in which they learn justice, morality, obedience, respct, etc), and that well-raised children are necessary for the State’s survival. This is the only reason governments take it upon themselves to officiate marriage. Otherwise they would leave it to private institutions.

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