Honduran Seminarians Allege Widespread Homosexual Misconduct



Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, All Holy Saints and Angels surround and protect from satan and all his evil ways ALL Priests, Religious Brothers & Sisters, Deacons, Seminarians, our Pope, Bishops, Cardinals and all discerning vocations to the Priesthood or Religious Life. KEEP ALL IN OUR CHURCH holy, devout and ONLY concerned with doing Your will Lord and speaking the TRUTH. Lord whatever is going on with all of these scandals in the Church PLEASE bring those who are responsible to justice and help to “CLEAN HOUSE” and make your Seminaries places of preparing good holy devout men for the Priesthood. Protect them all and keep them safe spiritually, physically, emotionally. AMEN!


The Honduran bishops deny that there is widespread homosexual conduct at the seminary. However, they do not deny the contents of the letter:

Smells like another cover-up in the making.


What do they think, that nobody knows the truth and that covering it up will make it go away? Those Seminarians didn’t write that letter for kicks. There are some serious things written and more than 1-2 men have given their versions. All the covering up will do is dig the Bishops further & further into a deeper hole. I hope the ones who write the letter and those who are trying to help them DO NOT GIVE UP and KEEP bringing it up and keep demanding something be done. It’s too serious for this to just be brushed off. God Have mercy on us and on the whole world and HELP YOUR CATHOLIC CHURCH LORD!


The Bishops’ reply was no different from the reply of many Bishops when the priest child abuse crisis began. Denial. Criticism of the whistle blowers. And the effect will be to encourage gay men to join that seminary, and straight men to be turned away. This will only make matters worse.


Full text of the letter sent to the bishops:


Yes I just saw this. I am glad to see the seminarians speaking up. This will be the wave that turns it; if it turns - not formal investigations; that is too easy to deflect; and the Church has that kind of resistance down to a tee. If this just goes back to independent investigations or a strict ‘no tolerance’ policy, the status quo is secure, and that should be read as a victory for it. Those not involved in this culture or behavior have to speak out, both the victims and those who know about it, strength in numbers - that is critical.


The seminarians almost seem to be suggesting the seminary system may be obsolete for our time.


I read these stories and it only cements my belief that a married priesthood is the direction that we need to go in. It works for EO, it works for Eastern Catholics, it can work for us. The money piece we’ll figure out.


We tried that once and for one reason or another decided it was not suitable to the Roman Catholic priesthood. Those were much bloodier days though. As someone who knows many priests I have to say I’m not sure how the dynamic of things would quite work out with them having to worry about a family in the mix of everything. Pope Francis spoke favorably on the topic but as of yet has done nothing to make it a reality.


This pattern is disconcerting and this news heartbreaking.

Yet “light” is clearly needed here.

Praying for The Church who will come out of this stronger.

Ed Pentin’s relevant Twitter page also.


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