Honduras immigrants


It might also mean they are greater flight risks


I may have stated a conservative estimate that more than 60% of the Central American caravan was made up of young single men. The update is that it appears that more than 90% consists of males.
This is contrary to the Leftist media that makes it appear like half the caravan consists of women, children, and babies.


I was actually just getting on here to update what I have heard as well. I have a very close friend in Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico. He is married to a Central American and has been an advocate in the past for these migrants. This caravan he says is different. He told me that they refuse to eat the food that people are providing, and demand other foods be given to them. They have left trash and human waste, vandalism, and crimes. They flaunt the fact that free transportation is being provided for them but no one can find out who is paying. It kind of surprised me the things he was saying because normally he is a huge advocate for both migrants and fair treatment for Central American immigrants to Mexico and would NEVER speak that way. After I hung up with my friend, I talked to my Sister In Law who lives in the state of Veracruz. She said the same things. This group is very picky and bossy. They are making a huge mess. They’ve been committing crimes. My SIL is not political at all and normally has no opinion on these things.


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