'Honest Pint Act' one step closer to law in Oregon

KGW (Portland, OR):

’Honest Pint Act’ one step closer to law in Oregon

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon may have a few problems to straighten out during the current recession – high unemployment, soaring foreclosures and a bleeding state budget come to mind – but House lawmakers didn’t let those troubles deter them from work on a law to award restaurants, bars and pubs that serve “a true pint of beer” with a sticker.
House Bill 3122, better known as the “Honest Pint Act,” passed the House by a 34-26 vote on Thursday.
The law allows businesses serving draft beer to post state-issued stickers if their pints measure up to 16 ounces, or a full U.S. pint
The movement to recognize Oregon establishments that aren’t skimping on pint service was begun by Jeff Alworth, a beer blogger who petitioned to make honest pints an issue for state regulators of standards and measurements.

   Some establishments serve beer in 13 or 14 ounce glasses but charge        customers “per pint” of beer. 
  “It's a camel's nose issue ... It establishes in the consumers' mind the issue and causes them to expect something more,” Alworth wrote on his blog, [Beervana]("http://beervana.blogspot.com/")  .     
        But House Republicans called the legislation an immense waste of        resource and time. 

A guy named Aleworth pushing to make sure drinkers get a full pint – I love it!

And those martini Republicans don’t care about the beer-drinking common man, of course :smiley:

Thanks for the post. I needed a laugh this morning.

They need a law like that for coffee shops. I’ve noticed lately that they try to skimp on the fresh coffee by over an inch (sometimes nearly 2) and say “Well, we leave room for cream.” I call B.S. on that one. If I pay for 16 oz. of coffee, I don’t want just 12. Even when you tell 'em to fill it up they still don’t go all the way.

Good one.
How about skimping on the coffee when they’re making it? I remember once at Friendly’s my dad took a sip and said the employees must take a scoop of grounds out of every pot they make. I always think of that when I’m served dishwater coffee.

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