Honest question on abortion

I would like to ask anyone who has had or a partner who has had one, now this is only someone that has had at least 15 or more years go by.

Do you regret it?

I had a close friend [female, college student] who was forced by her parents to have an abortion…they all regret it - she was rendered sterile by the procedure.

Boldly Go is right–I’ve known a number of women (& some men) who’ve undergone or been party to abortions. Every single one of them came to regret it deeply! The reasons for this aren’t just psychological, but physiological, as well. Check out what Vicki Thorne has to say on the subject. God bless!

Regretfully, I had a good friend who had an abortion so her parents would not disown her and she told me she would do it again and is willing to stand in front of God and explain why.

I have a good friend who had an abortion in the early 1980’s. She is a very independent, strong-willed woman and chose to have the abortion. She seemed OK with it, but began to drink heavily. She then left her church (Episcopalian) and seemed lost. She however didn’t attribute the abortion to her life changes. Ultimately, she became involved in drugs and alcohol. She entered rehab around 10 years ago, is now sober and has returned to her church again. She has really turned her life around and I’m very happy for her. About 3 years ago, she confided that everything changed for her after the abortion and that she used drugs to fight her depression. She also left her church because she couldn’t face God with what she had done. You would have to know her to understand how shocking this admission was!! Anyway, sometimes when we are alone, she cries and talks about her regret about her baby. She never had children- most of her child-bearing years were tied up with drugs or rehab. Now, she’s older, wiser, sober but remains very sorry and sad. I don’t really know how to help her, so I just listen.

Sorry, about asking a question slightly beside the thread topic (@rinnie: complain, if i am a hassle), but can anyone explain to me, why many regret?

I am dumb in that respect, because:
a) “its” a human -> then one does not abort

b)"it"isn’t a human -> Why care? why regret?

And i had discussions with several pro-choice women who had abortions themselves, who had some sort of regrets (e.g. erecting small graves in their garden for their unborn), but nonetheless called me an idiot for claiming unborn humans are humans. But why regret, if its a non-human?

Of course, it could be, that they are just deceiving themselves and actually know, that “its” a human. But i am also considering that its something else, i do not understand. Hence, the question.

I have not had one, but many years ago I accompanied a friend on her appointment to have one. I still feel guilty about it. My views then on abortion were much different than they are now.

I only know one woman who told me she has had one. She sort of half regrets it. She looks at it as if she had no choice and the abortion was forced on her by the situation. She admits that she wish it hadn’t happened and that she still hasn’t healed from it after two decades, and that it has ruined parts of her life, including her marriage. By the same token, she doesn’t think it was her fault that she had to have one.

I have a very close friend that had an abortion. It was over 20 years ago.

She didn’t think much about it at the time. And now, she has moved on with her life. She isn’t a drug addict. She has been married for at least 15 years and she has a couple of children.

She claims she went to Confession, has been forgiven and now she has moved on with her life.

She actually seems mentally healthy. :shrug:

Sometimes they have regrets because people’s understanding of abortion change over time. When I worked as a social worker, I authorized an abortion because the psychiatrist in charge of the case told me the woman would have a mental breakdown if she carried her child to term. I believed him, and didn’t know any better.
I still mourn for that baby, who would be about 40 now. It was the wrong thing to do.

It’s not so simple. Some women in a crisis pregnancy are in fear and denial, and focus on themselves, not on the baby. He’s not real to them, but their fear is. Often they are abandoned by family and boyfriend.

What else could a fetus be, but a human? It’s not a chimp or an apple tree – it’s clearly a human. That’s what a human looks like at that stage of life.

I had a few abortions before I converted to the Church. I regret them very much and regretted them even before I converted. That was during the 70s/80s and I have been to Rachel’s Vineyard, having had a confession of them when entering the Church. I regret them to this day.

There are women I know of, and only one in my family. I won’t say how she is related to me, but she is distantly. She had an abortion because she found out the child she was carrying was going to die, and she was early on. In such cases, I wish these women could just miscarry. It would be the only fair thing, for both the woman and the child.

I had an abortion. I am the man, and my girlfriend at the time is the one that went through the procedure, but I still claim it as mine. I supported it, paid for it, and it was my child.

I regretted it before I came back to the Church, but not really knowing why.

To this day, it is like a little someone is there and I do not know what they look like or sound like or even what sex they are. But he or she is always there with the thought of “I could have been”.

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