Honestly, who you think is going to win the presidential election?


Hi CAF community,

This may have already been asked, but I’ll ask it here, since I’m interested. Who do you think is going to actually win the presidential election here in the US? I’m not asking who you want to win, but who do you think will actually win?

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the results, and I’m expecting many.

Benedicat Deus,


I have no idea who is going to win but one thing I am absolutely certain of; either way the American people lose.

What a sad state of affairs. God help us.:gopray2:


Trump will win by a landslide OR Hillary will win by 2% or less. :rolleyes:


I think that Hillary will probably win. The odds are stacked in her favor. America is becoming more liberal. The Illuminati also favors Hillary. They will probably work to indoctrinate Americans to support her and her agenda. I have hope that Trump will win though. He can pull off an upset and shock the world. He has to go against the powers that be though. That will be hard to do.


Hello. What do you consider the “illuminati” to be? I was just listening to Weird Al’s song “Foil” it’s pretty funny about the new world order, shadow organizations, and keeping your food nice and fresh, with aluminum foil. :smiley:


I really doubt Trump will win. I thought the Republicans should have had this one in the bag, especially since Hillary Clinton is strongly disliked outside of her own party, but I think Trump holds even less appeal for moderate and independent voters.

(I’m not voting for either, as a full disclosure.)


I hope and pray its Trump. But the odds are stacked against him. Those swing states are moving more blue ever day. Maybe after Hillary is finished and the libs destroy this country, the real americans can take a part of it and build it into another great nation.


In my opinion Trump has the older, whiter, angry voters in the bag. But he might have more trouble with hispanics, women, millenials and other such groups.


Here’s my take:

If you like the direction the country is going, you will probably vote Hillary. Her campaign has advertised her continuing the same policies of the Obama administration.

If you don’t, you will either vote Trump or stay home

A few will vote Libertarian, but it won’t be many.


The Illuminati is a secret society that works to push a Satanic agenda on the world.


Clinton will win by a surprisingly large margin. :slight_smile:


(1) old, whiter, angry voters - Agreed that they will vote for Trump and not Hillary

(2) Hispanics - Agreed that Hillary has an edge with this group, but not as pronounced as the ‘older, whiter, angry’ voting block

(3) women - Agreed that Hillary has an edge here as well, but not as pronounced as the ‘Hispanics edge’

(4) millenials - Here I disagree with you. If the primary election cycle is any indicator, I think Trump will win the younger vote, not Hillary


Regarding the poll, I picked Clinton as the likely winner at this stage of the election cycle. So much can change between now and election day. However, I think Clinton has the edge in the key swing states and that is what matters most. I hope I’m wrong about that because Clinton would be a far worse as President IMHO.


I hope so, and demographically there is a good chance this to be the case, but I’ll admit that the potential prospect of a Trump presidency keeps me on edge and terrified.


Not even close:



Or, a non-existant strawman beloved of radio preachers and conspiracy buffs, frequently linked to the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, and the Trilateral Commission – all allegedly dark forces behind everything that’s wrong with the world.


Depends on where you are, I guess. Where I live, the younger people are all Republicans or Independents who are Republican in everything but name. And the women are, if anything, more Repub than the men. Of perhaps passing interest, there used to be five dyed-in-the-wool Democrat areas in my state; “Little Dixie” along the Missouri River, the Mississippi Delta country, St. Louis City, Kansas City and the county where the U of Mo is.

Now, “Little Dixie” and the Mississippi Delta country are extremely Republican, and it was the younger generation that made them so. Metro St. Louis outside the shrinking City itself is mostly Repub or mixed. Only KCMo, St. Louis City and Columbia are still totally Dem.

So, while you might be right in some places, it’s not true everywhere.


Of the 200 or so women that live in my middle class subdivision, more than 80% of them are voting for Trump.


I’ll have to think about this and vote later.

Two things I know for sure. If Hillary Clinton wins, she’ll crunch down on the Catholic Church (she said we must “change our religion”) and that the middle class is finished.


I think the chances that Donald Trump will say something horribly offensive and alienating to the public at large is pretty high, so I voted for Hillary.

When it comes to my personal preference, I’m going to let the process play out a little before I decide on whom I will vote for.

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