Honeymoon Ideas?


Hi all -

I need some help on an idea for a honeymoon. My fiance and I are getting married in October of this year and we were planning on going to Rome, but it’s turned out to be way too expensive.
So…we want to go on an inexpensive honeymoon, preferably somewhere here in the States, where we can incorporate our Catholic faith within…
Please help!! =)



Congratulations! We got married in October too, on the 4th (2003).

My wife dislikes boats and I dislike planes, so we were confined to driving for our Honeymoon. We went to Niagara Falls. It was wonderful! But not especially Catholic, unless you count the Inquisition scenes in the shlocky wax museums along the tourist strip (for some reason, Niagara Falls has like eleven wax museums within about four blocks). Anyway …

What part of the country are you in? That might make it easier to think of a place.


The National Basilica in Washington DC is absolutely beautiful (my mother loved it)–and October is a great month for DC (not too hot or too cold).


Charleston, SC, is a beautiful and historically interesting place to visit. Also, it has lots of wonderful restaurants, cute shops and fun tours on both land and water. The lovely Cathedral located in the historic district could be a daily source of spiritual sustenance.


I second Charleston, S. C.


Anyplace that has nice hotels and historical churches gets my vote. :slight_smile:

Our honeymoon was our drive from Calif. to TX to go to our new home. We spent some time in San Antono, which has both of the above, but there are all kinds of places all over the US. If we had stayed in California, I might have been all for a road trip to look at all of the old missions out there. The east coast has plenty too.

Honestly, as long as you have a cozy place to spend your evenings, good food, and lots of time to walk around holding hands and looking at things, you should have a pretty good time. :slight_smile:


I’m from the Detroit area, in Michigan.

I’ve heard about the National Basilica in DC…which would be awesome =) I’ve also read about a basilica in Buffalo NY that sounds really interesting.

I guess that’s what I mean, when I say “incorporating my faith”. I want to tour churches, basilicas, holy sites, etc. I know that in the US, holy sites are far and few between, but… =)


Check this out: [The Painted Churches Tour of Fayette County.



catholicgirl, what is your budget?

Do you have a credit card? Does it earn miles or hotel points?

Have you looked to see if you qualify for timeshare presentations or other seminars?

My Df and I attended two presentations for cookware. They are about an hour long and include sampling food and a sale pitch. We said no thank you (although I must admit I am going to buy one of those sets someday, great product!) and now we have two sets good for 3 days, 2 nights at over 6 all inclusive hotels including taxes. All we need to pay is airfare.

Also, ask friends, coworkers and family if they have frequent flyer miles. My dad has a majillion from his work credit card and can donate to our honeymoon.

Have you googled for websites that help you set up a cute honeymoon registry? Those can be a good idea if you have friends/family with deep pockets.


Since you live in Michigan, here is a list of historical Catholic churches in that state. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, the site doesn’t list where they are as conveniently as it could.:frowning: You can click on the name of each church, and it will show you a little profile, including the location. It’s a very long list, but maybe it will give you a place to start, if you want to stay fairly local.


I will give a third vote for Charleston, South Carolina! We took a family trip there in December, we figured it out and that made our 15th trip to Charleston! Usually my Husband & I go there for our wedding anniversary which is October 25th, so it is a nice time to visit. There is so much history, beautiful Churches, Catholic & Protestant as well. There is an old lovely Church out on Sullivan’s Island called Stella Maris, it’s right across the road from Ft. Moultrie which is right on the ocean. They offer the only Tridentine Mass in the area if you are interested, on a Saturday evening I think. Downtown Charleston, on King street is a gift shop/book store run by Paulist Sisters, I always stop in for a book or holy reminder. There’s alot to see & do, wonderful restaurants, take a carriage ride for sure. We like the red sash company the best. Take a boat trip out to Ft. Sumter where the first shot of the Civil War rang, but make sure the museum is open, otherwise you’re just looking at a fort! If your interested, p.m. me for other info. Gee, the Tourist Board should put me on their payroll!:smiley: . Anyway, it’s a really beautiful, historic, romantic place to go. By the way Charleston is called “The Holy City” because their skyline has so many Church steeples and in the historic area, no buildings are allowed to be built higher than the Churches! Oh, Charleston was named the Most Polite city in the U.S.! Southern Hospitality at it’s finest.:slight_smile:


Charleston is excellent! That would be my vote.


Washington, DC- fabulous, Basilica, and very cosmopolitan. Take a side trip down to Colonial Williamsburg.

San Antonio- San Fernando Cathedral, the missions, Riverwalk, Institute of Texan Cultures, Sea World, outlet malls galore, stupendous dining for very little money.

California- the missions, flora, fauna, mountains, the ocean. Again, some good prices here. Wine region beautiful.

Chicago- Well, yes, Chicago! Everything from Holy Name Cathedral, more retreat houses and Catholic sites than you can imagine, from Father Marquette to Richard J. Daley (the mayor’s father, not this mayor). Theater, reasonable dining, good hotels. Prices are reasonable.


Niagara Falls, NY. Lots of things to see and do. Stay at Niagara on the Lake in Canada-great forts from the past Fort Niagara and Fort George on the Canadian side. I think you need a pass port to get into Canada now. The the Casino in Niagara and Canada. The Fatima Shrine in Lewiston is a must. God Bless you and your marriage.


I would agree. Especially if you are leaning that way.
The Basilica of Our Lady of Victory is on par with any Eurpoean Basillica or church. You’ll feel like you are in Rome.


Then don’t miss the National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima.
It’s wonderful with 24 hour adoration chaple and another chaple for Our Lady. Look at the website link I am providing. The reflecting pool is a rosary in the shape of a heart and the building is a glass globe of the world.

You will be going at a time when you can walk the grounds. They have a garden of statues dedicated to the saints that is amazing.

The City of Lewiston is romantic with it’s cafes, shops and bakeries. Great place for a honeymoon rich in the faith.


DC gets my vote based on low cost vacation. The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is beyond beautiful. There are also many other little Catholic churches in DC that are wonderful. The Catholic Information Center is a bookstore, but they have many gatherings for different groups and reasons almost every night (not to mention they have a beautiful chapel). Also, the museums in the area are either free or very low cost. Baltimore is 45 min. away and also has many beautiful churches. The mountains are about 1 -2 hour drive and the ocean is about a 2 - 3 hour drive. You can also spend an entire day going to and visiting Philly. St. Mary’s in Annapolis is quite lovely as well as the historic district it is in. Remember, Maryland was a large Catholic colony so there is some rich Catholic history in Maryland.


I HIGHLY recommend Niagra on the Lake.

There is a series of 3 hotels called the Vintage Inns. vintage-hotels.com/niagara-on-the-lake/

You can have 2 days and an overnight for around $250 including ALL meals. The Pillar and Post is the best Hotel to stay at and the Best restaurant for dinner is the Queens Landing. The Prince of Wales Hotel is very quaint and you will love it if you like Victorian decor. You can mix and match the hotels/meals.

We were married in December and were supposed to go to Rome in February for a late honeymoon. But then we got pregnant within 2 days after our wedding and I couldn’t travel b/c I was so sick!

So on our 1st anniversary we spent a long weekend on Niagra on the Lake and it was beautiful! Lots to do, see and not that expensive.

It sounds like Western NY and Ontario are where you might want to go. Lots of variation, depending on your starting point. We also have beautiful wine country, fall tours etc.

Oh, on our wedding night we went to a hotel in The Falls, Canadian Side, and they upgraded our room to a suite free of charge when we told them we were just married. :wink:


www.cheaptickets.com Great site if you buy two months ahead!


Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials:D ! This thread is just making me homesick!!! Originally from western New York, I have to give a big :thumbsup: to all the fellow posters who have recommended Niagara- on-the- Lake, Fatima in Niagara Falls and the absolutely, seriously, glorious Our Lady of Victory Basilica! I have pictures around the house of my girls and myself at the Basilica and guests ask when we were in Europe! It’s that gorgeous! Had to add my:twocents: Again, congratulations!


So Catholicgirl02, did you choose a honeymoon destination yet?:confused:


More importantly, will she take us with her? :cool:
(Oops, this is starting to sound like a Clubhouse thread!)

If you choose DC, I also recommend a side trip to Emmitsburg, MD to visit the Seton Shrine, as well as the Grotto of Lourdes at Mount St. Mary’s University.

Despite living in the Baltimore-Washington area all my life, I’ve never been to the National Cathedral. :frowning: But I have been to St. Matthew’s Cathedral near Dupont Circle, where the funeral for John F. Kennedy was held.

One other recommendation: it’s not very Catholic, but the Pennsylvania Dutch Country around Lancaster is always a good area to get away from it all.

We honeymooned in Key Largo over 11 years ago. Went to Mass in a fairly modern church that had “RoboCantor” projecting lyrics on the walls.

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