Hong Kong airport cancels all flights due to protests

half a million protesters out on the street is a huge deal, a big show of sentiment. Worth far more than online ‘signatures’ which can be faked.

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If this was mainland China, there’d be a quick end to it. China is being restrained here because Hong Kong is one of its most critical import and export hubs, not to mention that it is one of the most critical financial centers in the world, and where a lot of China’s financial trading goes on. It’s the HKEX that’s restraining China now. Not only that, but any hopes of reuniting with Taiwan, which are slim in the foreseeable, would end completely. And if Trump will do one thing at this point, because China’s in his cross hairs, is probably eagerly support a fully independent Taiwan.

Hong Kong is the canary in the coal mine here. China has for a long time been able to bluster its way to the top seat, but it isn’t nearly as powerful as it imagines, and like it or not, the West, and in particular, the US hold all the cards. If Hong Kong gets shut down, or even locked down, for any extended period of time, China will suffer serious financial damage, not to mention damage to what China seems to hold most dear; it’s image.

Even Carrie Lam has all but admitted that the extradition bill would give Beijing pretty much unlimited power to swoop in and grab Hong Kong citizens on any accusation a Chinese kangaroo court cared to charge them with. And it’s not like Beijing has needed permission, it merely wants the smokescreen of law so its kidnappings vaguely resemble some sort of regular judicial process.

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The Roman empire surely was much more evil than the HK government, yet Jesus and the new testament tells us not to revolt.
The HK government simply wants to pass a very straightforward law with no consequence to 99% of people yet somehow Christian people are urging others to revolt.
Shane on them!

You have to leave your hk id number so it can’t be faked. I signed. And the organisers periodically check whether there are duplicates or fake ids so one can actually see the numbers rising and falling as time goes on.
But some protesters can come from Taiwan or what have you and need not be hk residents.

What is your stance on the evils of the Chinese government? Forced Abortions, organ harvest of prisoners, treatment of minorities, state sanctioned religion. There is a huge underground church in China, throughout history there has been an underground church, it began in the days of Rome. Do we say oh well Catholicism is not allowed in this country, lets all be pagans, rather then practising our faith?

I’ve seen whatabouttery in my time, but invoking an empire that, at least so far as the Catholic Church is concerned, collapsed over fifteen hundred years ago (and was a Christian empire at the time of its collapse) to the People’s Republic of China seems to take it to a whole new level.

Let me tell you, the PRC ain’t nothing compared to those Philistines, let me tell you. And don’t get me talking about Pharaonic Egypt!

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