Hong Kong cancels all Masses & Ash Wednesday-Corona


I have a neighbor who has gone to HK and Singapore and China, I think he is in quarantine somewhere, he should have been home a few weeks ago.


I’m sorry that things are so bad they have to cancel Masses and Ash Wednesday, but under the circumstances it is the prudent thing to do.


This seems like an over-reaction.
Did any diocese cancel all Masses during the Black Death? Or all the other outbreaks of plague, cholera, typhoid, etc. which have occurred and which were much more deadly, especially in the days before vaccination and antibiotics.

Couldn’t the Cardinal have simply suspended the obligation to attend Sunday Mass, for those who consider that to attend would be dangerous to their health? Whilst still having Mass celebrated for those who wish to attend.


No one had any idea about bacteria or viruses or how they were spread in the 14th century. Heck, the existence of viruses was only known for 20 years before the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918-1920. Between these two pandemics alone, an estimated 92-300 MILLION died - many of them the supposedly young and healthy.

Overreaction? I don’t think so. It is not an overreaction in the case of elderly, infirm or immune suppressed (of which I am). It can easily be fatal for them. Ever notice the percentage of gray-hairs at mass?


Best to learn what we can about this one-of-many Corona viruses. Prevention far outweighs cure.


If you are a fan of sporting events in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong races have been going ahead with very limited public attendance, those necessary for the events to run, all wearing masks, except the jockeys. The general public is not allowed into the events. Hong Kong is reacting quite wisely to limiting public gatherings in the face of this virus.
There is talk the Diamond Princess Cruise ship, today with over 70 new cases, is incubating the virus.

One way of thinking is that the spread of Corona virus has been contained due to the strict measures China has maintained and the lockdown in several cities.

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Maybe not cancelling mass is one of the reasons so many died of the plague in the Middle Ages. We know better so we should do better.


The Church is entitled to protect its priests from sickening and dying. I’m pretty sure that most devout Catholics would also accept the personal sacrifice of not having a Mass in order to protect their priests.

Furthermore, the last thing the Church needs in these countries is to be in the headlines as some big source of spreading infection because it refused to stop having Masses despite the risks.


On February 12th.

Although Hong Kong has only 50 confirmed cases of coronavirus and one fatality…

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