HONG KONG - CHINA - Tens of thousands of people take to streets in "long-term Occupy" [AN]


Protests resume with renewed vigor, after authorities’ decision to cancel talks with the students. A leader invites residents to occupy “every inch of the streets”. People are “disillusioned” with the government. The Chinese premier reiterates the goal of “social stability” and the approach of “one country, two systems.”



Well this is good. It is the only way any country can bring about real change: through the people not the leaders. I think we will see more of this as time goes on.

We have had a Superintendent of the Westminster, CO schools trying to change history curriculum to exclude civil disobedience. Bad, illegal idea. It violates the constitution and thankfully students, parents and teachers have been protesting. Civil disobedience is a necessary right of the people so we don’t land up with a government like that in China. People better wake up here.

So again, good for the people. I hope they persevere.


I wouldn’t be equating this with the Occupy movements in the US and Europe that defiled and vandalized Churches and worse.


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