Honor Killing in Iran

Honor killing is when a woman is killed to preserve the honor of a family.

Perhaps one of the most outrageous examples:

He (the father) explained: “Maryam had been acting suspiciously lately, and I suspected that she was having an affair with a man. The night before her death she had nausea and abdominal pain. This made me certain about my suspicion. Then I decided to kill her to save my family´s honor”

He did not try talking to his daughter.

However, he is not going to be charged with murder, since according to the Iranian law, if a father or grandfather (on father´s side) kill his child or grandchild, he will not be charged and punished for murder.

And another

In this report, the 14 years old girl is identified as Somayeh, and the person helping Sharif is identified as Ghafour. This report doesn’t mention that the 14 years old girl was shot, but quoting the father says: “When we were taking her (Somayeh) to the mountains, she was scared but still didn’t know what she was expecting. Upon arrival to the scheduled place, I threw Somayeh on the ground and started the stoning. She was screaming and begging for her life, but I had to save my honor and didn’t have any other choice than killing her…”.

There are more on the site but these two are examples of cases here fathers have murdered their 14-year old daughters and are protected by Iranian law.
Now, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this is happening, but I wanted to share these reminders in the hope that you will pray for the souls of these poor young girls and all others who are victims of the barbaric laws upheld in Iran and similar nations.

They certainly do have a warped sense of “honor”. “Luciferian Pride”, I think, would be more like it.

This is an evil that Islam supports either actively as in Iran, or silently by saying nothing.

I didn’t mention Islam because people need to distinguish between ‘Arab culture’ and Islam. There is an important difference but the point also needs to be made that not all Arabs conform to ‘Arab culture’.
I’ve been told many Iranians (and perhaps people in countries such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia) do not practice these laws and it is the upper classes who control these things, however in these Iranian-published articles it describes these things happening in remote villages. The mainstream culture of these countries needs to change and student protesting in Iran shows hope for the future.

Is honor considered very important in Islam? That would be ironic since Christians are supposed to shun honor.

Iranians are not Arabs though.

Some are Arabs. Also Kurds and Turkomen. Persians are a bare majority, if I’m not greatly mistaken, but they do control the place. It is my understanding that Persians, in general, are much more “laid back” about Islam than are the majority of Arabs. Their biggest holiday, Na Rusz, (which the Islamists don’t like but are afraid to try to stamp out just yet) is actually an old pre-Islamic celebration of spring, and is celebrated nowhere else in the Islamic world.

The Islamists in Iran are more Arab-like than most Persians in their ways, notwithstanding that the ruling Islamists are Persians themselves. They’re actually somewhat alien to their own society.

Many Iranians are ambigous about Islam, especially those among the more educated classes. I have a friend who is an artist whose family left during the revolution and while they are Muslim they also paradoxically have mixed feelings about how Islam was historically introduced into the area as many regard it as been introduced in what would be called in a later age imperialist.

Many cultures, in fact most, have valued honour - there is a famous quote in a story in Irish literature where one chieftain answers, ‘A man lives after his life but not after his honour is gone’ as he is been pressured to perform an immoral act via blackmail. Personal honour and integrity are not at odds with christianity ,but honour that attempts to hurt or damage others is inherently at odds with Christianity and with any conception of honour I would subscribe to.

The incidents mentioned are disgusting but honour killings occur among non-Muslims also in parts of the Arab world. We have had several cases of honour killings now in the UK, carried out by both Muslims and Christians. It’s a barbaric and evil practise which no-one should support of any faith.

Um…Persians are not Arabs. Persians are Persians.

Yes i know that. If my post in any way seemed to imply I think they are one and the same I do not. Honour killings are not confined to one part of the world either (sadly) we have had a Turkish Cypriot kill his daughter near where I live in the last few years as she was involved with an English Christian boy. This devastated the boy who had planned to marry her after he completed medical school.

Also, I put ‘Arab culture’ in inverted commas for a reason, Iranians and Arabs share many cutural similarities. I should probably have put ‘Middle-Eastern Culture’ but that’s open to interpretation also

I wonder does it really help the family’s “honor”? Would other people still respect the family after the father kills one of his own daughters? It’s hard to imagine. Would you want your kids be friends with that guys surviving kids and go play at their house? Its bizarre.

It’s so far removed from our mentality i think it is difficult for most of us to grasp. The only even vaguely common point of reference i can find from personal and culturual experience is that in NI where Catholic women would date British soldiers they were disowned on occassion by family members. But even then that didn’t generally pass beyond insults and bullying -on a few occassions some women had their heads shaved and were publically humilated but that was fairly rare.

Killing a girl for just been a normal girl and having a boyfriend seems barbaric - no wait it doesn’t seem barbaric - it is barbaric. ‘Western’ society at times has not been too nice to girls who also had babies before marriage but killing the girl has never been a viable option. In one of the examples above the father appears paranoid, as all he knew was the daughter had abdominal pains. He might just have had food poisoning or a particularly bad period among other possiblities.

The point that I would take here that I think is the most imprtant is that Islamists in Persia are where these quaint little habits are being derived from. Pakistan too is witnessing a rise in these sort of killings. Arabic culture has a large influence on Islamic countries, and this is through the Islamist religion.

That is evil, murder, and has nothing to do with honour.

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