honor of women in islam

islam claim that it gave women the best honor.honor as a mother(who don’t honor a mother?hindus worship mother),honor as a wife(sure,cuz a man can take 4 women as wife in same time.&if u cal it honor!)&the cover for women is a special honor.&true freedom(is it freedom?).ya really its great.wat a perfect law that came from so called true god.who is just the god of men.

and apparently it says there are more women in hell? is that right?

This is a song: youtube.com/watch?v=iIyyPsqRweE
He sings he was trying to ‘buy’ her love by offering her juwels, gold, (even his life)… but then, at the end, she said:
‘keep your treasures, I’m more worth than all that. A cage is a cage, even if it’s a gold one, I want the same rights as you and respect everyday and I just want (real) love’.
The singer is algerian… I dont know if he is a practising moslem but you know the name Aicha is to the moslems like Maria is to the Christians.
Its known that the pre-islamic arabs made some of the most intense love poetry of all :slight_smile:

ya dolphi you are right.i forgot to ask that.ya if islam gave a great honor to women then why maximum women will go to hell?actually islam never honor women.islam clearly dishonor women

In a world of dishonesty, porm, immorality, fornication… Where women are degraded to litle more then meat, where they are paraded around and parade themselves as painted whores.

Islam isn only left to hold up the banner of morality, honour and decency…

The majority of all converts to islam are women, women who become muslims more often then not hold up the vlaues of islam and the place of women in islam as one of the main reasons why they converted to islam…

For every 2 men that convert to islam 8 women do…

Well keep in mind that Judaism and Christianity doesn’t have a great track record on how we treat women and if we were to take Scripture literally, as fundamentalist Muslims take the Quaran, we wouldn’t look much different than they do, in the treatment of women.

Heck even as evolved as Christianity is, there are still some Christians who believe women should keep their heads veiled and their mouths shut.


Not unique to Islam, obviously, but an awful lot of it reads as a horror about the uncontrollability of male lust transforming itself into a desperate desire to control women.

Virtue cannot be imposed, it has to be freely chosen otherwise all you have is the* semblance* of virtue.


Is this muslima what you call a “paraded painted whore”?

You are only saying that because you are deeply troubled and ashamed by the Muslim world’s deplorable reputation of abusing women.

that is true. and that is due to intermarriages.

islam trusts men into marrying non-moslem women.


Islam DOES NOT TRUST WOMEN into marrying non-moslem men.

Islam does not trust women at all.

Islam’s theological degradation of women is officially extended to the state after death through the Koran verses turning women into real prostitutes satisfying the sexual desires of Muslim believers (males) in Heaven.

Besides, the first woman and the mother of human race (Eve) is awkwardly not named in the Koran, nor can she be found in the narrative of Adam’s creation.

Just because a woman veiles herself in a thousand garments does not mean she is clean in her heart.

I once met a iranian man who said the moslem women wear the chador in order to be safe because the moslem men cannot control their animal instincts… The interesting thing is that he said this honestly. He was a moslem and did not find anything wrong with what he had just said.
Even though I was only 16 I thought; hey this is wrong and I said to him: “man, if you are a criminal then why dont you imprison YOUR SELF instead of the woman?”

One thing we know for certain about all moslem men and women is that, while we try to keep a soft heart towards them, its heavy for us to know that they look up to a pedophile who took a little girl to his wife when she was only 9 years old…

So dont you moslem men teach us about respect of women.

For every girl who acts indecently there is a man too. And for every man and women that do not respect their sexuality or body there is a father who did not teach them to…

It is the nature of men to oppress women. Men are tyrannical, that way.

But Islam guarrantees rights of women, to protect them from the tyranny of men.

Muhammad said that the best of his followers are those who are the best to their women. So being a good Muslim means a person is kind towards all the women in his life–his mother, his sisters, his aunts, his neices, his wife (or wives), and his daughters.

I don’t honestly see how you can believe this when your own scriptures testify to Muhammad’s low opinion of women, as we’ve pointed out many times before.


What part of my post is unbelievable, specifically? Tell me, specifically, without giving me 4-5 links to other websites attacking Islam and throwing out random irrelevant verses from the Qur’an. Specifically, what part of my post is unbelievable?

i believe that was intention. but mohammad did a very poor job of trying to implement it. with verses that allow domestic violence (as a last resort), unfair testimonies, pro-male polygamy, and unrealistic inheritances, …makes it difficult for the muslim world to learn the value of gender equality.

Then tell me why it is that so many moslem men beat up or kill their daughters in europe? i recently read about parents who found a picture of a boy among their daughter’s stuff and she was beaten up and killed… We have terrible instances of these honour-killings here and a lot of moslem women have thanked the government in my country for making rules forbidding people to arrange marriages for their girls until they were 24… They want education but their dads and uncles dont deem it necessary :frowning:

-In Saudia Arabia a woman has to ask permission from her son to travel or go anywhere.

  • we know that islam teaches its okay for a man to beat his wife.
  • in sharia a woman’s testimony counts only half as much as a man’s…
    -in saudia arabia a bunch of school girls were burned to death because they were not allowed to leave their school uncovered when the building caught fire.
  • in irak people are no longer allowed to watch innocent indian soap shows because the indian women some times show a centimeter of flesh on their stomach - Heaven forbid
  • in afghanistan women were denied medical help and education during the radical islamic taleban reign because they were women.
  • in syria a little girl of 8 was forced to marry some old pig who raped her several times… her whole family betrayed her with this man… She had to file for divorce… but the pig has not been punished… this was last weeks news on european front pages…

— I am sorry… But all of this is done in the name of the “right islam”.

You say being a good moslem means treating women kindly… But what is the definition of “kind” and who are encompassed by this moslem charity… certainly its not the free individual who wants to have freedom to dress, talk, believe and act as she pleases. Neither is it jews nor christians who will for the former be killed and for the latter only be tolerated if paying higher taxes than the rest of the population in a kalifath…
Where do I get this stuff? From former muslims and from my studies in the Quran at the university.

In my classes about Islam we read a hadith story where mohammed your prophet had a young slave girl beaten to death …
Talk about kindness… :frowning:

What kind of distortion of charity must you see in the name of the Quran before you admit that you have a gigantic problem …
The respect of which you speak is an illusion.


just wanna make clear I am not out to hurt your religious feelings but I will be honest about what I see and hear…
The more I read about Islam and follow the things that take place in my society and around the world the more I wish for Muslims to discover their true identity and freedom in the living Son of God, Yeshua the Messiah.
I wonder… have you ever read the Gospels?.. I mean really read them…? I have not always been a believer in Jesus like I am today… but the sublimity of His Love and His response to violence is overwhelmingly convincing and really the only trustworthy alternative in a world full of religions that more serve the animal in man than the Image of the true God.

Love is the only thing that necessarily prevails… that is why Yeshua is a better alternative than Muhammed.

To put it bluntly, your own scriptures and Muhammad’s actions and words. Don’t you believe what your own prophet said and did or do you just pretend they mean something different because you don’t want to face facts?


Dear Dolph,

If more women in hell, how can there be a sex-party where 72 sex slaves are promised for a single jihadist? You are not talking that 72 sex slaves are male, do you?:wink:

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