Honor thy Father and Mother


Is it a sin that after inviting my mother to live with us in a different state and her moving here to insist she go to assisted living? I believe she is in the beginning stages of dementia. She hates in here with us and tells us so almost every day. She really doesn’t want to go to any assisted living but says she wants to move back to her old hometown but there isn’t really anyone there that can help her. I feel like a complete heel for feeling the way I do but she is 84 and doesn’t listen to one thing I tell her about anything. She is constantly belittling me and now after her being her 18 months my husband is getting to the end of his rope also. So my question is, am I in mortal sin for not grinning and bearing it. I do go to confession when we have a big blowout but I am still feeling guilty.
Thank You :frowning:


Not sinful.


At the age of 84 - her mind is not that clear. I would ignore the part where she wanted to go back to her old place. She can’t think for herself right now.

At this old age, you just need to do what best for her …not what she thinks it is best for her.


You would be showing her the greatest honor by arranging for her be situated somewhere where she can receive the best care at this stage in her life. :slight_smile:


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