Honor thy father and thy mother


I see what I think of as a moral dilema happening next door. There are two married women with children who literally moved into the home of their parents while the father was dying of cancer. That may seem like a good thing, but the husbands were only there one weekend a month. This went on for 6 months and the father has died.Now, they do not show signs of moving out. I feel this is a situation that will eventually cause a breakup of the marriages. I know you must honor your father and mother, but shouldn’t you also leave them and cling only to your husband? One daughter has already divorced due to this excessive (I think) attention to their mother especially.I believe the mother should say go home to you r husbands where you belong.Instead, she has made the home more and more attractive in order to keep her daughters there.Am I being judgemental?


I don’t understand what you’re saying here…


[quote=Christian4life]I don’t understand what you’re saying here…

I concur. Maybe this question would be better asked in the “moral theology” forum. Or “Ask Abbey.” We’re just a bunch of crusty apologists here.


Are these grown children? We don’t know the whole situation. Perhaps there was abuse in their homes. If they are adult and there is no spousal abuse, then yes, they should return to their husbands. But, we are not in their situations and don’t know all the facts, so we really can’t judge. Perhaps their mothers grief is such that they are afraid to leave her.


These are your NEIGHBORS?

Mind your own business!!! :cool: You have no idea of the inner workings of another family. Keep your nose out of it.



Liza - why are you responding to a *four year old *post (which is off-topic anyway)?


Ok, now that is VERY weird!!! There was a recent post there this morning, I’m sure of it. :confused:

I hate it when people dredge up old threads!!! :cool: :o



Ahhh but Oh so amusing… and I seriously needed a laugh today!

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