Honoring parents (4th commandment)


I was just curious: i am 19 years old and I very rarely use Tobacco products. I use it for enjoyment and I realize the inherent risks of using them which is why I don’t really use them. My question is is it against the 4th commandment that I use these products, because I know my parents don’t want me to, even though I am of legal age. I am wondering at what age can you make your own choice?


I don’t know about the Fourth Commandment, but why on earth would you use tobacco?

I mean, I see a lot of solid reasons not to, and no good reason to use tobacco.


You can make your own choices. However, if your parents don’t want you smoking in the house, you have to respect that.


1: are you considered a legal adult in your country?

2: do you still live with your parents?


If you live with them then, you are breaking the commandments by disregarding them. 3rd hand smoke and contact is a real thing.


I started to smoke , believe it or not , when I was at school and was permitted to smoke in the sixth form common room .

You can make your own choice about smolking at any age , and that choice is to never start . You will save loads of money in the long run .


If you are referring to the ten commandments given by God to Moses; Honour your father and mother.

As one born, we always should remember from whom participated in giving us life. It is they that worked towards our bringing into being, now as we stand with beating heart and conscious mind, taking another step towards our ultimate goal that without them we would not be where we are today.

This most intimate relationship forms the history of the universe and by love we can rely on never forgetting from where we came and how we were formed.


You are not bound to obedience. You should not smoke in their house if they don’t want you to.

If we’re talking cigarettes, I’d caution you very strongly not to use them at all.


No this wouldn’t be violating the 4th commandment.

If I were in your shoes I wouldn’t be using tobacco products but I suppose you already knew we’d be saying that. The longer you use them the harder it will be to stop.


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I personally interpret 4th commandment as to not shame my parents, not do acts that will dishonor them. Because otherwise - they are atheists, if I had to listen and believe all they say I would come in conflict with God.
But imho if you start playing with tobacco now and imagine you won’t get hooked you’re wrong. If you stay on low tobacco there won’t be much health risks, but think of your budget! Haven’t they made them so expensive it’s actually a luxury? You can waste your money on many other more enjoyable things. I wish I never started either. But I did when something bad happened in my life, I did not want to hear the same old phrases from my family, my friends all vanished with my former bf, and I wanted to sit and think. And I thought what to do? Smoke. Wish I never did that. Better to go jogging, walk in a park, listen to music, anything else silly and think than link meditating + smoking.
Now the price of packages continually increases and will continue to do so and I wish I didn’t feel the psychological need to smoke and I never thought I’d get addicted (because I started late in life 25+) but I did.


I would advise you to not ever use tobacco. I never have, but I know that it can cause so many health issues. I am not sure about the 4th Commandment in this situation though. But do not use tobacco. God bless you.


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