Hoodoo -religion or not?

Is Hoodoo considered a religion or something else…?

“Hoodooism, anythin’ da’ chew do is de plan of God undastan’, God have somepin to do wit evah’ thin’ you do if it’s good or bad, He’s got somepin to do wit it . . . jis what’s fo’ you, you’ll git it.”[8]"

If someone saids its a religion… then its a religion. :slight_smile:


It’s an African American folk magic practice, but not specifically a religion. Most people who practice Hoodoo identify as Christian, however rootworkers can be of any religion. It does often incorporate the use of the psalm and saints though, so most practitioners come from a Judeo-Christian belief system.

Sometimes it’s confused with Voodoo, which is most certainly a religion. But the only thing the two have in common are some practices descended from African traditions. Where Voodoo has “lois” (deities) they worship, Hoodoo does not. Hoodoo was influenced by West African traditions, European grimoire magic, Native American spirituality, and Spiritism.

ELIZABETH McALISTER tries to keep talk of her own experience with voodoo out of discussions of the religion itself, because as a white American, her history with the religion ‘‘is bound to be so atypical,’’ she said.

So as an assistant professor in the Religion Department at Wesleyan University, the wife of a Haitian man, the mother of an adopted Haitian daughter and a follower of the religion herself, Ms. McAlister has to find a balance between the personal, the professional and the academic.

‘‘I’m not here to exalt the religion nor am I here to denigrate it,’’ Ms. McAlister, 39, said in an interview in her office. ‘‘I’m simply here to elaborate and educate and interpret.’’

It is the education that is often wanting in a society for which vodou – the Caribbean spelling of voodoo that she prefers – means a sinister, primitive black-magic activity filled with dolls, zombies, snake handling and ‘‘a whole bunch of other crazy stuff,’’ Ms. McAlister said.



Religion she claims. :shrug:

Hoodoo and Voodoo aren’t the same thing… This post was about Hoodoo.

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