Hooray For St. Patrick's in Decatur!


The last two weeks, the Decatur area held their annual food drive to benefit Catholic Charities and the local food pantry. Over 50 local schools participated, with a prize of $2,500.00 being awarded for the school who collected the most food.

There was over 100,000 pounds of food collected. My parish school, ST. PATRICK’S, COLLECTED OVER 28,000 LBS. OF FOOD! This is a school with an enrollment of only 103 children. Needless to say, they won the award.

I just wanted to share this wonderful news with all of you. It just shows that Catholics do make a difference in their community.

Scout :tiphat:



My children also attend St. Patrick’s although our school is in Texas. Congratulations for showing your community how much your Church and school are willing to help the poor: 28% of the total! God bless your 103 students and their families!


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