Hooray! New post as organist!

I am so excited - I just started a new gig as the resident organist/pianist in a neighboring town. The church is actually a little cathedral and full of great statues, candles, paintings, etc. What is even greater is that the rector who hired me is a young priest who has brought back “smells and bells” and even -gasp! - some Latin chant to Mass every single Sunday!
Thank you, Lord…I have praying for a wonderful position like this to open up so I could make a living playing my heart out for a genuinely beautiful service regularly.
There is very little praise/worship stuff done…just a little sometimes during Communion. Mostly traditional stuff.
I feel blessed!

Congratulations! Hope you have many joys and memories at that parish for years to come.

Yay! What a blessing, not only for you, but also for the parish. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! As a fellow organist, I can appreciate how good it feels to be able to play for the Mass - the best place to share the gift God gave you.

God bless.

Congratulations!!! It’s so wonderful to hear for a fellow musician. I know how difficult it can sometimes be to find organist positions, especially in churches which has all that you describe. All the best to you and God bless! :slight_smile:

Congratulations. Many years of happiness to follow for sure.

Today at the noon English OF, the organist played “O Salutaris Hostia.” I was most surprised that so many knew the words in Latin and sang with spirit. I hope your selection of songs pleases many.

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