Hope and my broken crucifix

i always fall asleep with the rosary in my hand and its alway is under my pillow when i wake up,…well one night i prayed for hope and the next morning when i woke up the rosary was under my pillow but the cross on it was broke right in half, what is God trying to tell me…??? :confused:

i think it would be dangerous to presume God is trying to tell you anything by this. it might just be one of those freak things- an accident, or it might be the devil trying to discourage you.

Let nothing disturb you;
Let nothing frighten you.
All things are passing.
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things.
Nothing is wanting to him who possesses God.
God alone suffices.

-st. teresa of avila

be patient and stick with God. pay no attention to that which would discourage you or disturb your peace.

No - I would not think that God is “trying to tell you something” - other than it might be time to invest in a new rosary since your other one is kaputt. To think that there is a deeper message here is leaning a bit too much on the side of superstition. Our rosaries, crucifixes, icons, and other religious items have absolutely no magical properties. They are holy and deserve respect, but they are not God. They only remind us of Him. So the fact that it broke is simply because it physically was weakened and broke - Not divine intervention. Keep praying for hope if that is what you seek. Remember you can just pray for it alone without the “aid” of any other item.

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