Hope for self and family

My wife and son and I all went to Mass saturday night. ( more to come in an edit )

My wife and I also went to confession. My son starts the RE class for first communion, next month. He will finish in may, I think. Since he is older, and on meds, he follows along in the hymnal and the mass order. He saw a friend from football there, and now always wants to go. Hopefully this will be a new start for our spirituality in my family. It also is a breakthrough in the spiritual aspect of my healing from my childhood sexual abuse. For the first time in months, I was able to temporarily let go of the pain and experience some measure of peace, notwithstanding the pain necessary for recovery. It was a positive experience, spiritually, and emotionally for my family connections. I hope and trust we can do this every weekend, or almost at least. My son needs mass as do both his parents, not just to satisfy the RE requirements, but vastly more so because of the spiritual need, both in time and in eternity. Also, my wife agreed to volunteer teaching the sixth grade class of RE in our parish. So that is another reason she will be motivated to be at mass weekly. And confession possibly as often as needed. In fact, she came out of confession crying. I left it to God, but it must have been powerful.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Maybe you and the family can go out to breakfast after you go to Mass, and just start making it what you do? Maybe make it a little more special in that you
have more time together as a family, and make it what you do on Sunday mornings.

I will ask the Medicine from God, the Archangel St. Raphael:angel1:, to lay his healing hands on you. He is sent by God to heal our minds, bodies, and souls, and you are in need of his soothing touch.
May St. Raphael:angel1: help your pain to lessen a little every day and may you start to let it lessen a little every day.

God is with us even when the bad happens. (Like walking and holding your child’s hand, and they still trip and fall and get hurt. You hurt with your child.). You are a beautiful child of God, and he loves you more than anything.
He is waiting for you with open arms, He wants to look at you, hold you, and talk to you. He is excited to be with you. You are the one He has been waiting for, the one Jesus leaves the other sheep to find.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers. :gopray2::highprayer::gopray2:
God’s Peace be with you.

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