Hope for Universal Salvation of all men?


Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Conner has some interesting words


Looking at the parent site (www.romancatholicism.org)), it looks to be the Roman Catholic version of Westboro Baptist Church or something. This here is proof of that Catholic unity that the RCC loves to hit Protestants over the head with…:tiphat:


I doubt their claims to be Roman Catholic seeing as they don’t even follow the Bishop of Rome

Saying that these people are evidence of disunity is like calling a Neo-Confederate group evidence that the USA isn’t united

They labled the link to the article about Cardinal O’Conner “apokatastasis” which is a completely different belief from what the cardinal is putting forward. Apokatastasis says that all will be united with God in the end whether saint, sinner, angel or demon. The Cardinal is saying you can hope for the salvation of all men.

Anyway I’d rather this thread be about the text of the article rather then some hyper-traditionalist


Christ died for the sins of the world. He died for all of mankind. calvin would like us to think (although it was actually a very small part of his theology, he just kept getting grilled on it which is why he seemed to speak a lot about it) that Christ only died for the elect. i believe that His death has reconciled the entire world to God. some choose to live in that reconciliation and some choose to live outside of it. those who choose the latter could choose that all the way to hell, but it doesn’t change the fact that God had reconciled them to Himself.

all men = all men
for the world = for the world

there is not a specific group that Christ’s death atones for. it is the atonement for everyone.

i am not arminian by the way. i believed that all are saved regardless of our choice. arminians teach that we are separated from God, and He from us until we choose Him and then Christ’s death is applied to us. i believe that we are separated from God, but He has reconciled Himself to us (so He is not separated from us). we can choose to live in the truth of what He’s done or choose to live outside of it.

i think this is what O’Conner is talking about. that all men have been saved. some just choose to live outside of it and they could end up choosing that all the way to living outside of it eternally.


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