Hope vs. Expectation


Hopes and expectations, what’s the difference between them?


I would say that hope is what’s left when there’s nothing to expect.


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If I hope for a gift, it’s just a wish that I may receive one.
If I expect a gift I am presuming there will be one

If I hope that God will bless me, I can still actually have doubts.
If I expect that God will bless me, I believe He will.

However in spiritual terms, when we say “I hope in God’s mercy"
more often than not we actually mean
"I depend on”, and even “I trust, in God’s mercy.”

Regards; God bless you


There is a difference between the secular definition of hope and the Theological Virtue of Hope. This is closely linked or tied to Faith.

In a secular sense, hope can be likened to a wish for something. From the aspect of it being a theological virtue, Hope is the desire for something we do hot possess, but know is promised to us, IF…
Example, hope is the desire for heaven. That is why we say that those who die and are in haven, no longer have hope, they have possession.

Faith on the other hand is a belief in something that we cannot know or understand of our own ability. e.g., the Trinity. When we die we no longer have faith, we have knowledge.

Secularly speaking, faith if based on some foreknowing. for example, I have faith that a person will do such and such. This is based on my knowing the person, their habits, temperament, attributes, etc. I have definite facts on which to base my faith in this sense.

Prayers & blessings
Deacon Ed B


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