God’s hope

Hope is not to rely on a person.

Hope is to rely on God’s Grace for us.

A human can promise things but, he will not do any of it.

God promises everything and he will do it all for us and more.

God is our hope, not man that speaks through his teeth. And all he speaks are empty words.

God’s words are full of life.

Have him in you mind and soul.

He is the light of our souls.

God’s hope it is the true reality not a fantasy.

Matthew E. Trevino


God of mercy, you know the secrets of all human hearts, for you know who is just and you forgive the repentant sinner. Hear my prayer in the midst of destruction; give me patience and hope, so that under your protection and with you as my guide, I may one day be reunited with my family and friends in peace, tranquility, and love. Grant this through Christ our Lord.


Lord, may I rely on You alone and on no person. May I remain hopeful and filled with Your love. Amen.


Beautiful, thank you!

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