Hopes dim for 228 aboard missing French jet


This is something I’ll never understand. God obviously could care less about this event otherwise he would have prevented the plane from crashing. On the other hand, we are supposed to assume he will help us out in locating survivors. Makes no sense at all.

It is unknown to me exactly how God views any particular event. I cannot see in the same manner as a being of his nature sees. The manner in which someone outside of time thinks, for example, is opaque to me. But any Catholic is sure that God cares about each of us. God has provided ample demonstration in the death of his Son on the cross (and in his incarnation, etc.). So the caring part is not in doubt for us. I think that may be why you find the Brazilian president’s comments mysterious - his assumption that God cares, and his assumption that God wants us to pray (or wants us each to be in a relationship with Him.)

(I don’t know the religion of Brazil’s president. But since you asked on a Catholic website, I am answering in that vein.)

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