Hoping for a Tridentine Mass

I go to Benedictine College, a Catholic College in Kansas, and recently many of the students have been traveling an hour to go to a Trindentine Mass in Kansas City. As college students, this is a lot of gas money every Sunday.

Due to this, we are trying to get a Tridentine Mass on the campus itself. The campus is very Catholic (not in name only, like many Catholic colleges) but we are meeting resistance. Does anyone have any ideas on how to obtain a Tridentine Mass at our college especially since the Motu Proprio has come out?

If as you say the campus is truly Catholic then I have no doubt a door will open very soon. Also, you and some like minded students need to be brave and go request one, go talk to the priest right after mass and get his thoughts. They need to be informed there is a demand.

Send a petition out to all those who travel to attend a TLM. Then attempt to find a priest either on or off campus who’ll celebrate it. Failing that send your petition to the Bishop and request that he find to celebrate it (through Ecclesia Dei) close to the campus. Failing that contact the Archbishop or Ecclesia Dei itself.


Have you guys been driving in to Blessed Sacrament in KCK? I believe it is an FSSP parish and relatively well staffed. (I love that Church, by the way!) You could try appoaching one of the priests there and see if they have anyone who would come to Benedictine to say an occasional Mass.

You might be able to soften the resistance if you could present it in a way that wasn’t going to be seen as more “work” for the campus clergy.

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