Hoping for baptism

Hi all. I belong to a very Catholic family, but was not raised Catholic because my father no longer believed by the time I was born. I have never been baptized and my grandmother is terrified that she will die before she sees my soul saved in Christ. I wanted to see if there was a way that I could baptize myself and my children so she can rest in peace. Any information would be helpful.

That would normally be something you’d talk to a priest about.

Go see your local parish priest about receiving instruction for you and your children and being baptized into the Catholic Church.

Hi I dont know how old you are but if you are an adult & have your own children surely you can get baptised & baptise your children at your nearest parish by arranging it with your parish priest.Also you say you belong to a very catholic family are any of them practising?Because its an unusual title to give “very catholic family” and yet if you are an adult you havent gotten baptised?Even if you are not baptised right now there is no reason you can’t come to mass and watch and learn what happens.Maybe i havent understood your post I apologise if I have misunderstood but if you are an adult with children your most important duty is to save their souls and get them baptised.Your father does not have to be informed of any of this either if you are worried about his reaction.As 1ke has said go speak to a priest.God bless

You cannot baptize yourself.

Dear, Cluny’s right, you can’t Baptize yourself, (I would know, I tried it once). But there’s no reason why, if you believe God is calling you home to the Church, that you couldn’t be Baptized through the normal processes. All you need to do for that is, as others have mentioned, let the local priest know and he’ll work everything out with you :).

I really do hope you come into the Church; you and your children. But… be sure you aren’t just doing it for your grandmother. That will not be an honor to her, but an insult. Her faith is very important to her, and she would not want you to pay it lip service while in your heart you roll your eyes at it. I don’t know your situation, my dear, but I’m just trying to cover all the bases.

We do believe that Baptism is necessary; I pray you will go through with it :thumbsup:.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,I feel the same too

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