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I don’t know if this is the right forum for this but I’ll try. We have been using nfp since the birth of our 13 month old with constant frustration. We took classes and talk to our coach constantly. Despite all of this we have had to abstain for the majority of the time. My body seems to be constantly trying ovulate with only one success so far. We can’t go on like this so I have an app with my obgyn. I know she will try to throw me on abc, which won’t happen. Is anyone familiar with my problem? Do you know what they will try? My husbands seems to think that they will try Provera which we have found to be an abortifactant. Anyway…any help would be appreciated.


I am assuming this 13 month-old is your first child?

Please just stick it out with the NFP. Fertility returning after childbirth can be long, slow process which is frustrating to those who have reason to postpone another pregnancy, and breastfeeding can make it even more confusing and drawn out.

After the birth of my first son 3 1/2 years ago my husband and I finally learned NFP. We started charting after our son was 6 months old and I had a return of my periods at 7 1/2 months postpartum. However, I never ovulated until 11 months postpartum. Breastfeeding was suppressing ovulation even though I was having periods every 30-45 days. It was an extremely frustrating time for DH and I. However, it was only a few more months before I started ovulating regularly and we could see a distinct pattern and abstain less. Then we decided to try for baby #2 anyway.

Those 5 or so months were extremely frustrating for both of us, but I am so glad we stuck with it. It meant we didn’t disobey God by using contraceptives, and it gave me tons of information about how my body works after pregnancy that I could apply to baby #2.

Just stick with it. I know it’s hard now and it seems like there is no end, but it always seems like that when we are in the midst of a problem, doesn’t it? It’s not hopeless. Pray a lot about it. Know you are doing the right thing and that God will take care of you. It will only get better each month that goes by and soon you’ll be having regular cycles that are easily charted and you will be able to abstain less.

God bless!


I was in a similar boat. We got pg right away after my first one. They are only 17 months apart. As both of mine were C-sections I wanted some time between to heal as well as get some sanity back in my house!! But my cycles never came! I kept charting and it was just awful. So I began to look for other solutions. What I found was natural progesterone cream. I just abstained for the week while I started it and kept taking it until my period started. Some people claim it can cause ovulation so that is why we abstained that first week. If you don’t get your period after two weeks take a pg test to double check but if nothing shows up you can safely stop it and your period should follow. It was a huge relief to me to just start my cycles. I only had to take it for 2 cycles and then I started to ovulate on my own and my charts made sense again. I know many people will argue against it but I know because of how we abstained and charted that I wasn’t pg and there was zero chance of such. Google it on the internet and see if it feels right to you. I just couldn’t stand being in limbo and months on end of abstaining just didn’t work for us. Also if you do get pg on the progesterone cream it is safe to keep taking it until you deliver which is a nice benefit. It won’t harm your baby as long as you keep taking it.


Are you breastfeeding?

If so, this is perfectly normal and healthy and there’s really nothing an gyn can or should do about it.

The good news is you are reaching that average point when many women find their cycles return, and it’s much easier to use NFP once your cycles return to normal and things are easier to interpret or read.

I know that may not be what you want to hear, but this has been my experience. (Althought the longest I’ve gone without cycles is about 3 - 6 months postpartum.) If nothing else, I want you to know you aren’t defective or anything. There are many women with the same complaint.

My point being that you are healthy at this point, so let’s not rush to do anything that might possibly be unhealthy just to get a readable chart and relief from abstaining. (Which I do most heartily have sympathy for!)

Progesterone is a hormone and absolutely no one should take it in any form without reason and a consultation with their doctor.

My only other suggestion is to double check your diet. I have found diet to be a bigger factor than many think it is. Be sure you’re still taking those QUALITY prenate vitamins/minerals suppliments and drink lots of water.

And rest. Sleep cures an amazing amount of problems.

And yes, I’m well aware how both of those can feel nearly impossible to manage, but give it your best to improve those areas.


Thank you both for your kind responses! This is actually my third child. They are all 20 months apart and the last two have been c-sections. Kinda funny because after a year and a half on trying for my first baby I ended up on clomid. No problems getting pregnant after that. I weaned this baby at six months old. I have Sharon Mann’s book on NFP and nutrition. I take vitamins and I’m active and a healthy weight. I’ve even cut down the intesity of my workouts. My first bleed was three and a half months after I totally weaned. Only 9 “free days” during that time. Then ovulated on day 35…30days of abstinence. Now day 30 and no sign of ovulation but 20 days of abstinence. I want to restate that I would never go on any kind of birth control. Though the abstinence is hard, that is not even an option in either of our minds.


Are you exposed to any light at night? There’s a connection to light and the menstrual cycle:

It might be affecting your cycle??



my instrutor is actually the lady that did all of the research on the light connection! We have no alarm clocks, blankets over our curtains and my smoke detector light is even duct taped!


I got so used to the totally dark room, that I can’t sleep very well with any light at all now. I have dh put a drape over the clock every night! LOL

I will be praying for your situation.


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