I am wondering if there is a morally-acceptable way to “reset” the hormones/menstrual cycle after a prolonged period of amennorhea (due to breastfeeding). My third child is 27 months old and I didn’t experience any cycles at all for the first 23 months of her life. I then had one period. Two months later, I had another (she was almost 25 months), and since haven’t had any signs of fertility one way or the other.

She is still nursing and I am fine with that. I nursed into pregnancy with my other children. I know for some people, this would not be a desirable way to go, but it works for me. I do feel that she is too young to wean.

We do feel ready to have another baby, though, and the lack of fertility signals of any kind is frustrating. I know if I went to my HMO physician, they would suggest taking birth control pills for some amount of time to “get things regulated.” I don’t want to slap a bandaid on the issue, and I’m opposed to contraceptives, anyway. I would rather leave things as they are than go that route. But at the same time, if there is anything I could do that would be both morally acceptable and not harmful to my body (short of completely weaning my child), I would at least like to consider it.

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