What is the general attitude of LDS people towards the horoscope? What percentage of the people follow theirs? What is the general attitude of the Catholic Church towards the horoscope? What percentage of the people follow theirs?

I won’t set up a poll on this, since they always seem to get controversial.

They are evil if you take them and put them in your life. You just shouldn’t read them. You are getting in to creepy stuff when you follow that stuff. I don’t follow mine.

Neither I. It sets up self-fulfilling prophecies. I am even wary when someone asks me what sign I am.

I think the general consensus among LDS would be that it’s a waste of time. I’ve read mine a few times out of curiosity and was amused by the fact that it was so general it could be applied to almost anyone.

My husband and I are both Virgos and we sometimes look at the newspaper horoscope, and have a laugh together, if it says something that seems to ring true. But, as far as following it, no way Jose. It is only for fun, not real life. Like my husband always does the word sleuth in the paper and reads some of the comics.
I don’t personally know anyone who does anything serious with a horoscope, if they did I would say they were pretty misguided and possibly verging on devil worship, if they were really serious about following it as a life guide.
So there you have a Catholic and Mormon view in one post and both the same feelings about it. BJ and Don

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