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I am noticing that in recent times there is big movement towards a kind of non religious, ‘supernatural’ beleif system. Things such as horoscopes, tarot card reading, chrystal healing etc are becoming increasingly part of everyday life, rather than a fringe thing. They can almost be hard to avoid! In some ways they have grown beyond being a beleif, but are now a form of entertainment. So I am interested in your views on them.

I find horoscopes have become so umbiquitous that I know what charactaristics are associated eith my ‘sign’, even though I don’t beleive in them. Often I find my friends ask my horoscope an read it to me, if they have a paper or magazine.

I know people who do tarot cards and like to do readings, even offering them to me. It seems impolite to refuse, and I like to seem interested in their hobbies. But I do worry about how this conflicts with my faith. I do not beleive in these things, but they seem to enter into my life even so! Is it wrong to do these things, in the spirit of ‘a bit of fun’, or to please others?

I think feel this is important to know, as things like horoscope, new age healing, fortune telling, ‘the secret’, etc, become part of everyday culture, parlence and the shared cultural values.

Thank you x

You’re so correct!

We live in a society that screams out for spiritual experience. Has there ever been a time when such varied and lurid evidence was all around for the desire for God written in the human heart? People have a tremendous appetite for horoscopes, spiritualism, mediums and all kinds of occult practices. Television programs like Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted’ pull in huge audiences and claim to offer evidence for the existence of life after death and therefore hope to millions who seek answers to the millennial questions Christianity has spent its entire history addressing.

I think, especially in the UK, we have thrown out God and are looking for something to fill that spiritual void, not knowing that nothing can.

I think that is so true, FightingFat. I see you live in the UK too; I cannot comment on other places but it seems that religion is declining so much, as these things get bigger and bigger. I agree it is likely people are trying to fill the God void! I do not think these things can though. They don’t seem to have the same consistency of beleif system and ethical principle, much more eclectic.

However, they do seem to be very big! I have heard a lot of late about a book called ‘The Secret’; I gather what it proposes is if you ask something to the universe, it will deliver by helping you to receive what you want, or giving you the skills to do so. This sounds a bit like a form of prayer to me. but I think many who beleive it will deny this; labeling yourself as spiritual seems very fashionable, but to call yourself religious is not at all.

I guess the dilema is what is acceptable for a good Catholic, in a world were these things are increasingly part of social experience, in conversations, and the general views and values of society. How should one react to these things?

Thanks for your thoughts!

:tsktsk: :bible1: The deception of Satan comes through abominations and falsehood, such as fortune telling, astrology, channeling, sorcery, witchcraft, divination, psychic powers, Ouija boards, soothsaying, necromancy, etc.

Deuteronomy 18:9-12 states, “When you come into the land which the Lord your God gives you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall be not be found among you any one who burns his son or daughter as an offering. Any one who practices divination, a soothsayer, or an augur, or a sorcerer, or a charmer, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For whoever who does these things is an abomination to the Lord.”

Isaiah 44:25 Scripture states, “The Lord frustrates the omens of liars and makes fools of diviners.”

Zechariah 10:2 says, “Diviners see false lying visions, they tell dreams that are false, they comfort in vain, they are people like wandering sheep.” In the next verse the Lord says his wrath will be against their leaders. “I will punish them” says the Lord. Astrology is an abomination against the Almighty God, the Bible speaks out against astrology

Wow. I think this about says it all for us. In God’s very own words, He Himself told us that this is an abomination and anyone practicing any of this, there will be dire consequences.

I admit many of us are curious about these matters, and I further admit I’ve read books written by mediums. The reason I did this, which under other circumstances I would not have, is that when I lost my daughter in the year 2002, my desperation drove me to seek out ways of finding her. It was merely the desperate act of a grieving mother. But even then, I knew it was forbidden, and although I read the books, not once would I have considered ever seeking out a medium, a fortuneteller, or anyone who claimed they spoke to the dead.

It was tempting but I well knew that these people that claim to be contacting the dead, are in fact, communicating with demons and lying spirits, even though they may not know this. It’s clearly stated by the Lord.

Best we don’t probe into these matters because they are from satan and these are his tools. since we are human, there’s always the temptation, even if just out of curiosity, I’d suggest quickly repeating “Lead us not into temptation” and God will turn your head away from these evil doings. For that’s exactly what they are. Evil!

Believe only in the Word of the Lord.


I just avoid them to be honest. If someone mentions my horoscope, I just say “I don’t believe in all that superstitious nonsense!” and I remember what St. Francis taught, that is to preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary, use words.

It is certainly clear! Hislittlelady, I am sure the Lord forgives you reading the books; I am so sincerely sorry for your loss, and greif can make you do all kinds of things. The sinners, I think, are those who explot the vulnerable bereaved, with such false promises.

It sounds like a good strategy Fat Fighter. I think I too will just say ‘Sorry, but I do not beleive in this’ when people want to do these things with me. I feel guilty that I have in the past read read horoscopes, and had a tarot card thing. Although i did not take it serious, and i justified it as supporting my friends interest, I still did it, and I shouldn’t have. I hope the Lord can forgive me, and I can make it up to Him. I mustn’t have seemed very faithful to Him. My sincere apologies.

Do not feel guilty. God knows your heart and He certainly understands our human failings. It’s so natural to want to belong, but for us as Christians, we can’t always be part of the crowd. I have learned that much in life.

The best rule of thumb I’ve ever found is to walk humbly with our God and obey everything he’s ever taught us by the power of the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

I pray for all those mediums, fortune tellers, and those who claim to speak with the dead, who are duping so many into believing that they’ve spoken with their loved ones beyond this life. What a terrible shame on them. They are exploiting people’s sick hearts for money. God must be very angry. We must pray for these people to open their eyes before they leave this earth.

:crossrc: :sad_yes:


He does forgive of course, but I think things like this are more about the danger they cause to us- distracting us from our faith and allowing a certain, special kind of poison to seep into our lives. If you read Fr. Gabriel Amorth’s An Exorcist Tells His Story you would definitely never do anything like this again!

I remember a little lesson a teacher taught us in grade school (Catholic). She told us she wrote a description of someone and wanted us to listen to it. Afterwards to asked us to raise our hands if we thought she was talking about us. Almost everybody raised their hand.

Then she talked about horoscopes.

God bless that woman!

When your friends have interests that are dangerous, do not be afraid to say you are not interested. Such things (Tarot cards, horoscopes, ouija boards, etc., ) can open the door to demonic harassment.

Books like “The Secret” do not give glory to God, or bring them closer to Jesus Christ. They feed the interests of people, and many times those interests are not what is good for them spiritually.

Well, I do really like the ones in The Onion. They are utterly, intentionally and not shallowly, hilarious. :smiley:

Divination is real. This is a sin I was pretty involved in some years ago, and I still, to this day, worry about what could happen to me in the future as a result of that sin. Basically, it is communication with unknown spirits. Do you want to speak to a demon? The idea is enough to make anyone shudder.

I make a special effort to be out of reach of the devil through living a holy life; because if I do not, the enemy has had a foothold where he can return. And I still, to this day, worry about the enemy coming back to attack me for breaking free.

Horoscopes that are printed in papers are gateways to hell. Those horoscopes are not real astrology, but they are enticing enough to those who have this interest and ability to start out on the path of learning divination. I wish with all of my heart I had never had any involvement with it.

Please don’t worry unnessarily with the past. There is no sin that Jesus will not forgive. You are certainly making up for all that you did in committing this sin, and have repented, and that’s all it takes. Now you will walk with the Lord and the angels will keep you from striking your foot against a stone. Your guardian angel will watch over you and protect you as God’s servant. He sees all, including the repentant heart, and His mercy is boundless. Please worry no more.

We have all made horrible sins, one kind or another. I myself sinned years ago, I won’t even mention it, but it was a sin very bad, and still that guilt comes back to haunt me. If I had to do it all over again, would I? Oh what I would give to undo the past. God knows this. He Himself told us not to worry, leave your burdens with him and live a Godly life. Everyone should be living a Godly life, especially in these days which are looking worse every single day. Sadly most are not. People are still of the world, with their materialism, their disobedience, and their unlawful behavior against the commandments set down for us by the Lord to Moses. He was not giving us a quiz. These were His laws which were literally set in stone to be obeyed. Of course we’ve all broken then, and probably will again, but I hope not.

So, no matter what you did with the spiritism and satanic connections, put that away for now. God is much bigger then satan. Live in your heart with the words “Get thee behind me satan.” and he will surely flee from you. God is watching over you. Believe that. God bless you and keep you from now till you join Him some day in His kingdom.

:blessyou: :bible1: :grouphug:

Thank you for your beautiful words! This is very meaningful to me. :hug3:

I am so glad you said this. I am going to keep your post and read it when I am feeling down.

That’s because everything I stated is the absolute truth as told to us by Jesus. I’m glad this softened your pain and worry and I praise God in all His glory for allowing me to serve him in this way. You are a child of God, He has called you by name. The greatest of victory will be that by you obeying God, satan is defeated. He just cannot win. Thank you Jesus.


Oh, I am happy because Jesus will forgive me my sinful daliences this way, I will repent, and resolve to not do such things again! I think we all as people do many sins but the important thing is trying to do to best when can and resolving to learn and do better for Jesus!:slight_smile:

I have just been watching the UK TV programme Come dine with me. It has reminded me of this conversation. A man there has been asked his starsign, and he said ‘Well, I’m not. I am a Christian.’ I thought it was most polite and dignified, I do think that is the way to handle it. He has got some reaction that he should ‘lighten up’, but such is like. I think I shall react as he did, if I am asked again in future.

I thank the Lord that there are such people who give us good example such as this.

I wish I could remember who suggested this. It is one of our regular posters.

When someone asks you, “What’s your sign,” make the sign of the Cross!

God bless us all,


Ha ha, fabulous, simply fabulous…I must do that some time! It is true but also witty of some punning, so no one can say this is humourless!!

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