Horowitz: A supernatural virus: Is coronavirus now causing motorcycle accidents?

I see no reason why Johns Hopkins would want to falsify the numbers.

Some humor related to the topic

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He was never tested.

Then you will have to ask the hospital how they concluded it was covid-19. They have information that I (and possibly you) don’t have. And even then, we are still talking about anecdotes.

The family did.
The hospital backed off of the diagnosis.
Claimed it was just a paperwork error.

Of course we did have a lawyer in the family letting them know they needed to be very careful with their responses.

LeafByNiggle . . . .

And even then, we are still talking about anecdotes.

The problem is LeafByNiggle, is significant amounts of “anecdotes” concerning studies pretty soon tell you they are sham numbers.

The deathcount that the media gleefully reports nightly are sham numbers.

The left has decided they wanted to make corona virus about politics. (People are on to this game.)

Who can be surprised.

They make EVERYTHING about politics.

Sham numbers Leaf.

Way too many “anecdotes”.

Edit: Below added.


A prediction we will have wait for to see if it pans out.


It already has.
We know the numbers are wrong.

That they continue to report them as gospel tells a lot.

vz71 (on uncovering the corona virus death numbers spoof) . . .

It already has.
We know the numbers are wrong.

Great point.

I added an edit to this post to affirm just what you are saying.

Here are the numbers you are going up against:

Total deaths due to covid-19 in the US so far: 137,922

So far your anecdotes have cast doubt on 3, maybe 4 of these deaths. But lets suppose that you were able to find 1000 mis-classified deaths? Even then you would only take the total down to 136,922. That is hardly much better than 137,922, is it. Look, we all know that statistics like this that are gathered during a crisis and bound to be less than perfect. But that does not mean they are not important - not until you can establish some sizable fraction of them are misclassified. That is not likely.

Let’s also address the “pure covid-19 deaths” nonsensical objection. Much is being made about counting covid-19 deaths for people with underlying conditions. There is nothing inappropriate about that. A large fraction of the population has underlying health conditions that might be life threatening. Their lives are just as important as those in perfect health. It is nonsense to count only those deaths of people in perfect health - not to mention very un-Christian.

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LeafByNiggle . . .

It is nonsense to count only those deaths of people in perfect health

Nobody has suggested that here. Nobody.

LeafByNiggle . . .

So far your anecdotes have cast doubt on 3, maybe 4 of these deaths.



Don Jr. Tweeting this out awhile back to make fun of CNN’s hysterics in this area . . .



Do you think George Floyd, who tested positive for corona virus at his autopsy, died from his corona virus infection?

Or do you think he died from Derek Chauvin killing him?

Why do you think what you think on this?

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Why, you did, when you said:

Since you did not define what you mean by “incidental”, I took it to mean any situation where an underlying health condition made the person more likely to die from corona virus. But if you meant only cases like the guy who crashed his motorcycle and was found to test positive, then I agree with you. In cases like that only, where covid-19 played no role in the death, those deaths should not be counted as covid-19 deaths. But other than the motorcycle guy, how many more have you cited? A significant fraction of 137,000? I don’t think so. Therefore we can take that as a valid working number.

I believe Trump used the number of 100,000 deaths to measure the success of his administration in dealing with the virus. We are way over that no matter how you count them. Or do you have 40,000 who say otherwise?

Not at all.
The numbers are wrong.

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LeafByNiggle . . .

Why, you did, when you said:

No I didn’t.

People with other diseases are not “in perfect health”, but they don’t necessarily die of Corona virus either.

Do you think George Floyd died of a Corona virus infection?


But if you meant only cases like the guy who crashed his motorcycle and was found to test positive, then I agree with you.

But it is not necessary you agree with me.

The health officials reviewing these cases have been taken back enough where the “figures” have needed to be amended. Substantially amended. (Which just raises more obvious questions.)

I’m going to drop this here… enjoy.

A robust discussion and scrubbing of data is a good thing. It makes for better data and more actionable insights.

So, this is good, isn’t it?

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Even including motorcycle and other over-counting of COVID deaths, more than 90% of the deaths are over age 55. Protect the vulnerable, and let the rest of us keep this country producing. Obviously, schools should open, too, as only 42 deaths were under age 15.

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I think it becomes a problem when the number of people dying from the disease and not something else is in the majority. That indicates a problem. It looked more like a problem in China (and maybe Italy) than it did anywhere else, at least when I was paying attention.

At the point of the year where typically 1.5M Americans would’ve died, only about 100,000-150,000 had died from this virus, and less than 1.5M with purported adverse effects, which may/may not be lifelong. It’s really borderline worrisome, but not as bad as I’d expected in January/February from the looks. What has been bad is this bait and switch/goal post movement from [flatten the curve] to [wait for the vaccine before society can go to complete normalcy]…People were so obedient for flattening the curve, then got switched into panic and fear just as it should’ve become very obvious from the actual numbers that the reality wasn’t matching the fairy tale.

I did some various adjusted numbers to how it’d be…but realize…if it’s that bad, and people are still and always were shopping like normal, with or without masks, since it takes 10 minutes of contact with most disinfectants to kill this virus, purportedly, well…[eta: referring to shopping/grocery stores/etc:] many people touching and not buying things would’ve gotten others sick inadvertently without so much as being in the same room as them at the same exact time.

I can verify that while I don’t know anyone with any adverse effects that was diagnosed (and know a number of people diagnosed), someone I am related to lost her husband because of the nursing home fiasco. So there’s that. I also know someone that was diagnosed for several weeks, probably added to the tally (of positives, not dead), tested numerous times, always negative…finally they tested for other things: she had mono.

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